10 July 2011

Rockin' the Baby!

I loved showing my baby belly pictures in the Rockin' the Bump link-up, so I am joining up with Shell over at Things I Can't Say again for her new one called Rockin' the Baby!

Some of my favorite baby pictures that have not yet made it on the blog can now be seen :)

Truly my favorite mom picture...
me with Baby X and Big G.

The two that follow are, believe it or not, different kids...
Big G

Baby X

Love this one of Big G on the plane to New Zealand...
the one and only time he slept through the night in his first year.

Big G rockin' the shades...

And finally, my magic baby...
all smiles...

and also serious.

I would love to go on and on and on... 
but I'll spare you today and save the rest for other posts :)

I have posted some of my favorite baby pictures already... Miss C was born in the caul... you can see that by clicking here. It is a bit graphic, so consider yourself warned! And for each of the children's birthdays, I have posted a tribute in both words and photos... Q-ManMiss C, and Baby X... Big G hasn't had a birthday in ages... at least, not since I began blogging...so there isn't one for him yet.

Mother's Day featured my favorite newborn pics of me with each of the kids, and Father's Day showed my husband with them. Additionally, our family tradition of photographing the babes as overhead luggage can be seen here. Now I have inundated you with baby pictures!

If you have baby pictures that you would like to share, head over to Shell's at Things I Can't Say and link up!


  1. We have a group of photos that I thought was one each of our first three, but Laima says they are all one, funny how similar babies can be to each other!

  2. Oh my adorable! And that first pic? So screams FAMILY! Love it!

  3. Wow, do they look alike! Do they still? Mine all started out looking so much alike, and people still say that about them, but I definitely see the differences in mine.

    Love that first pic!

  4. I can not believe how much the babies look alike in the two separate pictures!!! I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't wrote it!!

  5. I love all the pics you post of your kids. It's so cute to see how similar they look!

    Thank you for sharing :)

    (although this only makes me want another baby...)

  6. How neat that those cute boys look so similar! Miss C is so pretty!

  7. Adorable.. Simply gosh dang adorable

  8. Awesome pictures!

    How did you get Big G to sleep through the night on the plane? Gotta say - I'm not looking forward to our transatlantic flight with little A bomb next month...:)

  9. I love the first picture with the three of you on the bed. What cute photo.

  10. Big G and Baby X totally look alike. That's crazy.

  11. I can't believe the two pictures that look like the EXACT same kid....and they aren't. Weird. But cute :D

  12. Oh my goodness...they look exactly alike!!! Love their facial expressions...all of them :)

  13. Oh my carbon copy babies!
    Love that pic of you with both of them. Priceless.

  14. Beautiful as always! It must be delightful to watch a child grow as you record that for the family.

  15. love the mom picture. that looks like heaven!


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