07 March 2011

My Magic Baby Turns Two!

Miss C is my magic baby.  For so many reasons.

She was a most wanted surprise.

When you have a lot of kids and when you have kids and you are old, people ask a lot of probing questions.  "Was she planned?" has been the most frequent one.

Ummmm... it is pretty hard to plan a baby when you are 45 years old!?

I knew she was special (yes, they all are, but this one is different) when I was about 8 weeks pregnant.  My husband was very worried.  Knowing there would be lots of negativity from family.  Ten kids is a lot.  Money.  My health.  Baby's health.  His age.  My age.  One night in the midst of all this worry, I woke up and I woke him up.

"She wants to be wanted.  She wants to not be feared."

Little Baby inside told me this.  I know it sounds all new-age-y and airy-fairy, but she did.  It was strange because I had been convinced baby would be a boy (and this conviction was strengthened by my acupuncturist's prediction).  We found out 12 weeks into it that she was, in fact, a she.  I had genetic testing (CVS) and so it was certain... as was the fact that she was genetically healthy :)

It was an amazing pregnancy, and I looked at it as the gift it truly was.  It would be my last.  I relished every part of it... especially the baby moving part... my favorite :)  My due date was given as Q-Man's birthday... March 6.  He told me he wanted to be 4 before the baby came.  She complied.  I went into labor at 10 p.m. on his birthday, and she was born the next afternoon.

Her birth was different from the other 3 kids'.  I was the calmest ever.  The nurses and doctors in attendance were so fun and friendly!  It was almost like a party!  I sang to the anesthesiologist (he said that was a first... it was "Good ship lollipop"... for real).  A mere 7 minutes from "ready to go" to baby on my chest.  And she was born in the caul (en-caul according to this article).  I wouldn't let them break my water because my oldest two had dipped into distress when that was done.  The doctors were really excited to see a baby born in the bag!  I wish I could post pictures... it looks really cool... but some people are not "into" birth pictures... and I am not so sure I want that view of myself on a public blog :P

So here she is... my magic girl...

Less than 5 minutes out of the oven...

Been out in the world just under an hour...

  Less than 24 hours and meeting her brothers and sister for the first time... 

Six months and figuring out how to crawl...

She fits right in!

Three days before her 1st birthday... loves to play patty-cake!


18 months old... look at those teeth!

And today...
we went ice skating for her birthday.  
It was her first time on the ice...
and she LOVED it!!

Tomorrow I'll put up more about the skating :)

Right now it is time for the cake!


  1. Happy Birthday little one.

    Don't you hate the comments when your family is growing? I can so relate.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a sweet post, thank you for sharing it! My third will be 6 in a few weeks and he was an amazing surprise at almost 40! Great post! Enjoy your day!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to your special little girl. =)
    In England it's considered to be extremely lucky if one is born en-caul.

  4. happy birthday
    love the 18 mos picture!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. She's precious! : )

  6. Love your birthday posts! and love that she was born in the caul, very cool. :) Does it make me a freak that I'd love to see those pictures? :P

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

    And I've never even *heard* of en caul! That's amazing!

    Stopping by from Sunday Funday

  8. Happy birthday to your precious little one. Great pics.

  9. That 18 month old picture? I die! Soooo cute! Happy birthday, little gal! :)

  10. What a beautiful story!!
    The birth picture took my breath away!!
    Such an adorable girl.

  11. What a beautiful little girl and family! We struggled with these ideas with our 3rd (I know, no comparison to your 10th, but my twins were only 15 months and it wasn't planned). It took me a long time to come to terms with the pregnancy, and I was so scared about what people would think. And I did get the comments like "Are you crazy?" or someone would mention us having "all those kids." But she is the most awesome little girl in the world. God knew I would need an easy one, and He did not disappoint!

  12. This post made me tear up! Happy, happy, happy birthday magic baby!


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