22 March 2011

Stop Charo! ...

Finally... a worthy adversary!

I am in trouble... really.

Have you voted yet?  > >> >> >> >>>

The backstory:  I entered a photo contest. The Me + celebrity photo contest over at LadyBrain.  The prize is a $100 gift card to some as-yet-undetermined business.  I know, kinda sketchy.  But the ladies over at LadyBrain have it goin' on and so I trust that it will be an ultracool business. ;-)

I do not plan on keeping the winnings.


I am going to split that hunnerd smackers (in its little plastic form) into 5 easy pieces shared among 5 lucky likers of my new facebook page!  See? Over there on the sidebar?  Facebook Badge!  Coolio, n'est-ce pas? So if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, get on over there and get busy "liking" ;-) You don't have to do the liking thing if you don't want a slice of the pie... but 
please vote!!!

Anyway, here's the latest dealio... someone is endeavoring to trump my Fidel Castro pic... even with my headband and camel-toe!  Can you believe it?  That someone has entered a picture of herself with....

CHARO!  (see above picture with link)

yeah, Charo... and all her "cuchi-cuchi"... sheesh....

I must admit that my match has stepped into the ring. The contest is open until April 6th. There are bound to be others entering... Bring 'em on!  

A victory is empty without worthy opponents :)  

I have never enjoyed a cakewalk.

I'd rather lose to the best than crush the dregs.

Ut oh.

I'm starting to sound cocky.

Go Vote!


  1. I did vote! I did vote! I'll go vote again. Also? I finally found your FB page and liked it, my friend!

  2. I voted!! I don't want a slice
    I want you to win!!!

  3. Liked your FB page, Lovin' your blog! Go XLMargeInCharge!

  4. My gosh! A huge thanks to all who are helping us win this thing :) While I enjoy a good cuchi-cuchi just as much as the next fake-boobed, 60-year old Hollywood Squares icon… and I am sure Fidel would too ;-) … there comes a time to lay down the mascara wand and let the next generation win the photo contest for her peeps :) Keep up the good work! Vote early and vote often. LOL

  5. I tried to vote but fb wanted all this personal info about me. I don't trust fb, wasn't sure what do so bailed.

  6. No worries, Mr. Chris… I really appreciate it that you tried :) thanks a bunch!

  7. okay, I'm with Chris, I hate when FB asks me to access all my personal info. yikes...will you still like me?

  8. That's cool, Amanda. I understand. You guys could make it up to me by posting a link on your blog or FB and encouraging your readers/followers/friends to help me out :P But that might be a tall order! Thanks for trying!

  9. I'd like to see Charo try to keep up with you on the track! (Or, uh, cross country course? Side of the road? Wherever you run!)

    -Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  10. On my way to vote. I can't have you losing to Charo.


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