21 March 2011

Granny's Gadgets #12

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Now we can do our gadget :)

You know it has something to do with

I have wanted to try this gadget out for years.  But I have been a pie-chicken... not to be confused with a chicken pie.  Pies are tricky.  That whole crust business ...

I did master the pie over the holidays, however.  Or so I thought.  I made a turkey pot pie after Thanksgiving and another one after Christmas, and they were amazing!  The crust on the second one was PERFECT.  And gluten-free.  Yes, I have to eat gluten-free things... otherwise, no one would hang out with me 'cuz wheat makes me sooooo wacky... and not in a good, fun way :(

Well, over the weekend I realized that we had waaayyyyyyyy too many berries in the fridge.
Over-shopping on my part + generosity on my mom's part = quart of assorted berries going to the dogs.

Time to try a pie...

And give that little slice-ease thingabob a whirl!

My understanding of the gadget is that you bake it under the crust, then when the pie is done cooking and ready to serve, you slice along the edges and just lift out a PERFECT slice without making your pie look like a ravaged, exploded mess.

What I didn't bank on was screwing up the crust :(  I used a different recipe with a different blend of gluten-free flours than with the turkey pies, and it just sucked :(  It tastes fine... but it disintgrates when you simply look at it.  Big ol' bummer.


I was able to cheer myself up by pretending to be Mrs. Tweedy from the movie "Chicken Run" ... I kept saying, "Mrs. Tweedy's pies..." over and over in the Mrs. Tweedy voice.  It was annoying the heck outta my kids... so of course I kept on doing it ;-)

And eating that slice I cut out in the video really cheered me up... 'cuz it was so good!  

But the slice stuck to the slice-ease thingamajig even though I had greased it ... so while that gadget does keep the pie looking lovely upon first slicing and I say that it's a winner at the end of the video, I am not sure if I'd really put it in the 'awesome' category... in fact, probably not.

Do you like pie?  What kinds?  
– I am the only one who is going to eat this pie.  I like most kinds of pie.  I am not choosy about pie.  I even used to eat those Hostess ones.  My kids do not like pie... yet.  And my husband prefers lemon meringue. This is a lot of pie for one chick to snarf eat all by her lonesome :)  ... not a problem.


  1. I have to say overall, not a fan of fruit pie. I like pumpkin, and any kind of cream pie, and also lemon meringue.

  2. FB let me so I voted twice...don't tell, ok?

  3. Okay, I will confess to skipping your post. Until the end when you asked what kind of pie I like.

    My daughter and I recently made banana cream pie and it was incredible. Next: Coconut cream.

  4. You are allowed to vote EVERY day. Over and over, one time each and every single day ;-)

  5. I. Love. Pie. Pumpkin, cherry (even the horrid canned cherry pie filling makes me happy) apple, chocolate, pie pie pie!

  6. How clever. I usually just mash the hell out of the thing trying to get the first slice out. This is so civilized!

  7. LOVE pie, all of it!! :) Except apple, not very exciting, but I'll eat it, of course. My fav would be coconut cream, if I had to pick - or blackberry!


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