08 March 2011

A little French lesson...

As today is Mardi Gras and tomorrow is mercredi...
which means french-ish musique here at Taking It On... 
I have been thinking in French... 
well, not really... 
but thinking about French and realizing that probably only Caroline, SUAR and Noémie have a clue as to what most of these songs are saying... 
well, except that one by Pink Martini which had all those educational tools to help you out.

So here is a little french lesson for ya.

Note that it is family guy and if family guy humor offends you, you might want to just skip this ;-)  Remember... french is classy!

And if you missed my kids' back-to-back birthdays, you can check out their supercutenesses here for my magic baby, Miss C, and here to see Mr. Awesome, Q-Man.  And later today I'll try to get up the story of Miss C ice skating on her birthday... complete with pictures and video!  

Do you speak French?  Another language with any sort of proficiency?
– I took French a lot in the past.  I can get by but am not fluent by any stretch of the imagination.  I also dabble in Italian, Spanish and German but cannot really hold a conversation in any of those three.

What language do you wish you could speak fluently?
– too many to pick just one!  Like Big G says almost every day  "I wish I could speak, read and write every language in the universe!"


  1. wooooohhhaaaaa!!!!! ha ha!!!!
    yes WE are classy!!!

    (I did not know SUAR speaks French?!)

    so answers: Yes I speak French!!! and English (with MAJOR accent) and a little bit of Hungarian...(my dad is hungarian) that is the one I wish I could speak fluently

  2. Ah yes... seals are a problem. Actually I avoid the problem by just saying "seal" as in "tu as vu le seal?" I didn't used to, but was politely requested a while back. *sigh*

  3. Having never really watched Family Guy, but being a big fan of the Simpsons, I have a question:

    Which show (Simpsons or Family Guy) is the more intelligent/witty?

  4. I can't speak any other language! I took Spanish for 2 years and only learned the basic!!! Woops! I think learning to speak French would be reallly neat! Although, I'm from Texas... I have a strong Texan accent... French might be difficult! :&)

  5. I took Spanish in highschool ... but forgot most of it. My kids take Latin. I am glad they pick it right up, because I don't think I could help them.

  6. ROFL! How did I miss that Family Guy bit?
    I wish I could learn Spanish, but I lack the discipline.

  7. I remember some of the parents being upset the day our French teacher taught us "phoque" in high school. Too funny!


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