20 March 2011

THE core workout

I realized here, during a run in the rain while wearing a white t-shirt, that some ab work was in order. But I didn't do anything about it.
Then I remembered here, while skating with the squid, how important core work is and that it needed to become a regular part of my exercise/life regimen.
There are so many possible core/ab workouts to do, all of which come highly recommended by whoever does whatever one... how to choose?
My husband swears by the P90X Ab Ripper workout... but just thinking about Tony Horton started me giggling.  I don't know why, but that guy just cracks me up.

Then my husband found THIS...

Yeah, baby!

This is the one I want to do!  And it looks like it'll help with my upper body strength, too... BONUS!

So I have started.
I am in the visualization stage right now.  That is where I watch the video wipe up the drool and then visualize myself doing it.  I take myself through each stage, breathing, tensing, clenching...
as if I were doing the workout myself.

I haven't noticed any results in my own core yet.

Might be time to ratchet things up a notch...
and actually do it ;-)

What sort of core work are you doing?
– prior to starting this visualization training (lol), I was sitting up in bed every morning. Bending over to put my shoes on. Reaching and twisting to put groceries away.  That's about it.


  1. I swear that I'm going to start doing *something* after this pregnancy. I have never enjoyed core workouts, and it shows. It has surfaced in neck problems, and my chiropractor told me it's time..yet still I dread it with every ounce of my being!!!!

  2. That dude is INSANE. I want his body or I want my husband to have his body. He is strong beyond belief. The only core I do is yoga. probably not enough.

  3. ::sigh:: I definitely need to find a good core workout that will not completely disable me. Jackie Warner has a circuit training DVD from a year or so back that has a pretty hard core ab section...maybe I'll get back to that!


  4. Does sucking my belly in to button my pants count as core work? I do that several times a day.

  5. Core work is like going to the dentist. Its something we all know we should do more than once a year, but end up doing once every three years.

    The reason why I run is it reminds me of being a kid playing tag during recess - core stuff reminds me what happened after I graduated from school (work).

  6. Haha. A core workout. Yeah that does not happen here either.


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