07 March 2011

Granny's Gadgets #10

The first double-digit Granny's Gadget... special ;-)

Actually, it is a special one... March 6 is Q-Man's birthday (you can see his life in pictures by clicking on the blue) and March 7 is Miss C's birthday, so we got to make cakes and use a special gadget just for cake baking!

I know it is hard to believe that there is a special gadget just for this purpose... even after seeing the video.  And I know that it is really hard to see the gadget well enough in the video to trust that it is what I say it is.  My phone's close-up capabilities are lacking :(


You can trust me.
photo taken with a real camera showing the engraving on this special gadget
see, I told you you could trust me :)
If you loved me, you would

And here is the awesomely delicious and lovely cake I made!  MMMMmmmmmmm.... scrumptious.
I am soooooo glad I had that tester!  Who knows what might have happened if I didn't have something to properly test the doneness of the cake?

Just imagine...

How do you test if a cake is done?
–I usually use a toothpick... but now....

Have you ever messed up a cake?
–of course!  forgot to grease the pan before... sticks super bad and rips the bottom off.  Overcooked because I had a faulty toothpick, and the cake was then dry and burned on the edges.  


  1. OK-first of all Happy birthday to your little guy! I'm way behind here. Just managed to spare 4 minutes to watch that suburban housewife video though! Ha!

    A cake tester....Yep-I think that one would get buried in the drawer! Hope that cake tasted fantastic! Hmmm-cake sounds darn good right now! If only I had a cake tester....

  2. Sometimes I want to test a cake deeper than a toothpick would reach. Actually, usually it's a quick bread. This is one gadget I don't have that I want!

  3. I got one for Christmas unmarked as part of our "see who can figure out the random kitchen gadget" game. I opened it and said, "Oh, permanent toothpick." My Mother-in-law was slightly bummed that it didn't take me anytime at all to figure that one out. They are VERY handy in our house.

  4. I have one of those too! love it! :)
    I think I bought it because I was at one of those in home parties where I really felt obligated to buy something but was so completely broke and couldn't buy anything real.....so I bought this. :P Who knew it would be totally worth the $2?

  5. I have messed up many cakes!!!! YOUR CAKE LOOKS AMAZING!! I use a toothpick too. There is a gadget for everything these days:)

  6. Looks delicious! What a fun gadget!

    Thanks for coming and helping with our quest for the perfect vacation :). I don't know anyone who's been to Tahiti or Fiji so your advice is much appreciated!!

    Mrs H

  7. Hmm... I'm not much of a baker. I tried to bake Zack's cake this year and was so dissapointed with the way that it looked, I decided I'm doing store bought from now on!

  8. I actually watched that video. C'mon, don't be so shy. Show yourself to your fans.

  9. I've messed up many cakes. I usually grab a butter knife to test the cakes. My toothpicks are reserved for cake decorating.

  10. I grew up with my Mum using a cake tester. I didn't know one could use anything else until I had my own home sans cake tester. =P Happy Birthday to Q-Man. =)


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