06 March 2011

6 years of excitement!


Here he is on 
March 6, 2005, 
about 12 hours before coming out...

And here he is, about 30 minutes after coming out!

The early weeks were pretty easy...

He's always been a happy guy!

At 4 mos. he learned to crawl...

Cruising everywhere by 6 mos.

Full-on walking at 10 mos.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Operating heavy equipment by 18 mos.


And then THREE!

When he turned 4, he had three parties...
one at school,

one at home,

and one at the playground with his buddies!
(note big plastic box providing shelter from the wind)

Last year he had back-to-back parties to
(one was actually Miss C's ... but she was only one and didn't mind him claiming her party for his own ;-) )
and I am embarrassed to say that I can't find the pictures 

And now...

My little guy is

With two birthdays two days in a row, you know tomorrow's Granny's Gadgets will have something to do with something that has to do with birthdays ;-)

And if you missed Mom My Ride and Sally Brooks yesterday.... here's the link to that post and video!  Watch either and you WILL laugh!


  1. Happy Birthday! My youngest turns 6 on April 3! It goes so fast doesn't it? Have a great day celebrating! Great pictures!

  2. Happy Sixth Birthday! Loved, loved the suburban housewife video.

  3. Awww, happy birthday to your little guy! I have a 6 year old birthday coming up soon too! :) We were prego at the same time. :)

  4. He is so cute! Happy Birthday to him, 6 is a big deal.... Is he in 1st grade this year? I love 1st greaders- I wish I could have a kid that arrived as a 1st grader! HAH!

  5. Happy Birthday Quinn! Great to see you again at Target! What did you end up getting the little man?

  6. That last pics is GREAT! Quinn, what a cool name. I predict big things for this guy.

    Your comment cracked me up. No, that definitely was not going to happen in this country. That you-know-what I mean.

  7. Your pregnant belly was so perfect! It was absolutely beautiful! No fat. No stretch marks that I could see. It was perky. That was one nice belly!

  8. Oh, and forgot to mention, he was one adorable baby! Happy 6th birthday to him!

  9. Awww!! What a cutie pie! Happy birthday to him! I have a six-year-old, too. I know what life is like with one of those little guys. It's fun...and exhausting, but mostly fun. Amiright or amiright?

  10. OK, I know I'm weird/OCD/anal but I can't think of anything other than the fact that Q-Man is either 2 years old or was born in 2005.

    I would say Q definitely grew into those big googly eyes he had at 4 mos! Young babies are cute AND funny looking :)


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