09 March 2011

Musique pour Mercredi

A strange video for a catchy tune...

very bouncy and fun...

Did the French lesson the other day help with your comprehension?  lol

however...if 'Happy Birthday to you' is more up your alley, go back to the post on Miss C's birthday or Q-Man's birthday and sing it in their honor!

are you digging the exposure to French music?  or do you cringe when you see Musique pour Mercredi in the title?


  1. je t'aime musique pour Mercredi!! You are making me want to tune back into speaking la fracais. I miss it so much.

  2. Ya know what this piece, sorta reminds me of: (a cd I can't find and I don't know the title enough to feel comfortable typing it...grr) and also the English Beat. A soft reggae/ska rhythm.

    I listen to music for the music - not the message in the lyrics, since you asked.


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