19 March 2011

mommy goed RUNNING!


that's cuz mommy goed poop!

lol... do you like how I made that brown? click on it if you missed the background story.

In my last running update, I mentioned that I would be trying to run on Tuesday.  Well, that didn't happen.  It was slated to be a tempo run... which I usually like.  But I just wasn't in the mood.  Not like I always have to be in the mood to go running when I go running, but on Tuesday .... "oh, excuses, excuses, XL. you just suck and are lame and have no biz being on this planet"..."oh, shut up, you." yes, I talk to myself. I can't remember what happened.

I went on Thursday.  Just a mellow 5.25.  I ran 7 of my little 0.75-mile loopy-doos inside The Gate.  It was all that... but we're skipping the side of chips ;-)  Very consistent laps... only a 6-second spread between the fastest and the slowest not counting the one lap where I was messing with the iPod... gotta stop doing that... never again in a run for time like my 5K two weeks ago... but it is hard to run to anything by Flight of the Conchords and not bust up laughing, and it is hard to run to In My Father's Eyes without crying, and the seminar on How to Listen to and Appreciate Great Music just wasn't working for me, nor were the little French pronunciation mp3 downloads from the kids' school... you see?  I had to search!  It still was a very relaxed and relaxing pace right around 9:40 per mile.

Next up... 8 to 9 miles tomorrow.  I'll be shooting for the 9 but knowing that, after nearly 2 weeks off, the 8 is probably more realistic.  I am a realist.  My husband is the optimist.

I know all you running readers doubt that I really run.  And those pics from my last 5K were in the dark and I run at night when no one is looking so there is really no proof... I know that is what you're thinking.  So here are some pictures of me running in the day a few long runs ago... maybe a month or so ago...

My biggest fans giving me the ol' high-five as I speed past...

Big G in typical fashion pissing me off trying to show me some "new" way to high-five... 
that he invented as part of some mythological alien body language based on the last 40 bazillion books he has read

Approaching the halfway/turnaround...

And there's my sweet Q!
I have to stop for hugs!
how can I not?

Tomorrow I am hoping to share the new core workout of the century.  I started it last week... in my own way... still waiting to see the results.  But this routine... if you can do it... guaranteed to give you the core strength of... of.... the guy who is in the video!

I'll let y'all know how that big run tomorrow goes... now that I'm 'going' there shouldn't be any problems ;-)

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  1. YOu go girl! You can doooooo it! Mind over matter baby! And btw, I was born in SF, brother lives in the Mission dist, family in San lorenzo, Half moon bay ect. Lived there are a babe but its mostly a familil tie now.....And you had BETTER cheer me on if I make it in to the Nike Marathon!! Let me know how it goes manana...

  2. My son just told my dad's friend that he had "a pretty hard high five for an old guy." They're all crazy.

    Love you and Fidel, BTW. Do you have one with Kim Jong Il somewhere in the back of your closet, too?:)

  3. Run, mom, run! I love the way your little ones are cheering you on!

    I just got to run outside this week for the first time since ... November? I'm so awful at running in the cold! It's Jillian Michaels DVDs in the spare bedroom for me in the wintertime here!

    -Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  4. I was laughing at the part where you mention you being pissed at your son's highfive that he learned from some book...ha ha...this cracks me up! Way to go and way to have some awesome cheerleaders!

  5. I love how you're trying to run and yet, you keep being assailed by little kids? They're like stray cats where you live I see! :)
    You look so good when you're running. You are PRETTY!...I know right, leave it to me to check you out rather than write words of enouragement.
    Hey, also wanted you to know that for some reason, I can't get to your blog from my blog. I got here from a comment you left over at Lightning Bug's Butt...weird right?

  6. You go girl! I love that people actually run for pleasure. My dad was always an avid runner ( still is, he's not dead or anything:)but when I was a wee one, he would take us running with him. YEah, he was always taking off and telling us to catch up. I thought he was trying to make us run faster, in retrospect..he was probably trying to lose us:)LOL No matter, we caught up:) OF course, these torturous runs for most of my adolescent and teen years has caused a definite aversion to running for me. I want to run but I can not will myself to do it. If Freddy Kreuger was gaining on my ass in the middle of the night, I'm still not sure it would be enough to motivate me to RUN. I may give it a try t his summer, just to see, because if it got me a few hours out of the house a week..alone..that could be motivation enough:)LOL But all that said, you go girl I wish I had your determination...and energy:)

  7. Run? As in put one foot in front of the other in a speedy fashion? I walk, and hike, and garden- does that count?

    Eh, maybe I'll give a run a shot, couldn't hurt, right?

    You go girl!

  8. Ha ha! up until September of last year I couldn't even run to dodge an oncoming car or save myself from a parking ticket at an expired meter! And "speedy fashion"... ehhhhhh.. not so speedy ;-)

    @Sandra... if you FOLLOW me or "like" me on FB you won't need to rely on that crazy guy to hook us up :) but that is weird. I wonder what is up with that?

  9. Wow, cool! I'm always amazed when people run. This is because within 5 minutes of running, I feel like I'm going to die and that my legs are going to fly off or something.

  10. Ooh! Hoping you rocked the long run! I love the pics especially your fan support!

    I'm quite interested in the core workout of the century!! Please tell me it's the absculpter I see on the late night infomercials. The one that lets you just lay on the couch while it totally tones your abs!!


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