30 March 2011

Musique pour Mercredi... and CONTESTS!

Getting the business out of the way first...

Remember to VOTE!!!  
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you just click on that picture of me and Fidel Castro and you should be transported to your very own voting station... there you will click on the voting button.  In case you are late to the game (or haven't been paying attention) the competition has heated up... we (click on that to see why I say "we") are now not only facing the cute cuddliness of the Berenstain Bears and the immortality of plasticated Charo, but the allure of David Duchovny as well as the power behind the Dark Side... Darth Vader!

And if you are a gadget-lover, or need to find a wedding shower or housewarming gift, enter to win a $20 gift card to Williams-Sonoma! click on that or check the sidebar :)

And now for our musicale interlude...

This was #13 on France's pop chart last week.  Soooooo bizarre...

The song plays through twice, the first time with the subtitles and the second time without.  I found the scrolling words to be most distracting.  But I have attention span issues :P

Do you like subtitles?
– in movies where I can't understand the language... yes! But I hate it when the words distract from the action... or when I can't read the dang words 'cuz the type is too light or too dark and really have no clue what is being said.

Why do you think only 5 people have entered the gift card giveaway?
– someone told me that the instructions were too complicated. Another person said the instructions were in a font that is too small to read. Is Williams-Sonoma a sucky company? What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. OOOOhhh Mylene !!
    not bizarre at all.. This clip is so her...
    One of my favorite singer !
    Do you know that she started on TV doing publicity spot for bleach ;)


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