13 March 2011

What's going on with my running?

Wha' happen?

Things were going so well. I had some pretty good long runs. Did an awesome (for me) 5K virtual race. Had a nice run two days after that. Then I took the weekend off. Three days off, actually. I planned to run on Monday. And I was constipated. That's oversharing, isn't it? But we're buds, so it's okay, right?

It was so bad.

I tried to run on Monday night. I did make it for 3 miles...hoping the whole time that there might be some 'movement' *wink,wink*  but there wasn't :(  And the next day I got a migraine that lasted until Thursday :(  Woe is me. Really.

It was so bad.

I was clinging to reality by my fingernails for a while there.  Clinging.  Fingernails.  Luckily, by Saturday morning things started smoothing out.  And moving out. get what I'm sayin'?  And today I felt a whole lot better... but I am still emerging from a migraine/constipation haze.  sounds lovely, doesn't it?

The plan now is to run on Tuesday...unless a window of opportunity miraculously presents itself tomorrow... which is not likely.  And I am OKAY with this.  :)

In the meantime, this kid is picking up my running slack:

She had been going for a while before I started filming. And she kept going after I stopped.

This girl is go go go... all. the. time.

I am looking forward to getting back on track with my training... and so glad that my race isn't until mid-May :P

How's your training going... if you're training, that is?

What's next on your Big Event Agenda... be it running or something besides running?  Do you think you'll be ready?


  1. What are the key parts of physical development? Ages 2-10. Keep her running and no one will catch her in high school.

    Big Events? Jet Ski trip to Shaver Lake in May.

    Training? Killer 70 minute 10 miler over the weekend.

  2. If only we could bottle the energy of a two year old! What a cutie! Good luck with the running, right now I just want to get back in the swing of going to the gym. Hope you get your run in soon! Take care!

  3. I'd pay really - REALLy good money to have a 2 year olds energy for two hours.

  4. Cute!!!! I hope your head feels better. Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog ;)

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your blog is hilarious. Hope the nearby runs give you the runs. And clears your head. :) Migraines suck.

  6. Blogs are all about over-sharing. I'm just waiting to have some GI problems so I can blog about it.

    Next big race is a half marathon beginning of May. I'm trying to get into a routine of less mileage with more speed work.

  7. Ish! I never divulge TMI on my blog....ha! Glad you were able to get some relief there...

    I just had a houseful of 2 year olds. I mean really, do they ever stop...

    I'm training, it's going, hopefully a race either this weekend or next. Goal race a June marathon and I better damn well be read:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by!! Your blog is a riot!

    My running lately has been "meh". Not good, not great, but not crappy. If only I could bottle up some of that energy of the little guy, i'd be set!

  9. Awesome! My son likes to do this but he also likes to just spin and spin and spin until he tries to walk and then crashes. not fun afterwards but funny to watch. Today I'm back to the gridstone for phase 3 of my plan. 8 miles today...going to call the sitter so I can still fit in a birthday party for my hubby tonight.
    Oh, and gosh, get that sh#t moving!! Constipation is NO FUN when one of life's greatest joys is pooping! :) okay, well, not greatest but darn, nothing like a good poop! :)

  10. The video is PERRRFECT. So funny! Are you running for beta breakers? I see the pic on your home page it looks like SF. Just wondering : )

  11. Yes! I am running it! Woo hooo!

  12. Okay, I just e-mailed you telling you I couldn't open your blog from my office and as soon as I hit send, your blog opened. What luck. (Or, what shitty computers...one or the other.) :-)

    Anyway, ironic I just wrote about a migraine and you had one recently too. Such complete misery! The difference between me and you is that you are physically active. I, on the other hand, lead a bit more of a sedentary lifestyle. ;-)

    I look forward to reading more once I get home!


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