16 March 2011

Sundae Sunday!

Boy, did my kids like lunch on Sunday ;-)

A long time ago... as in last fall or maybe even in the summer... I told the kids that if they did something...and I cannot for the life of me remember what...that we could go and get ice cream sundaes.  They asked for a specific ice cream place... not really convenient and always packed because it is really famous and good... and I said, YES

*whooping and hollering all around*

And of course they completed the task or behaved or whatever it was that they were supposed to do.

But every time we were going to do the ice cream sundae deal, someone was sick or someone was naughty or someone was at Grandma's... and it had to be an 'everybody' event.  (I can only imagine the scarring that would occur from being left out of the family Fenton's adventure).

Fenton's is Carl and Russell's favorite ice cream parlor in the Pixar/Disney movie "UP".

Before we could go there, Big G had 
a piano recital...
he was great!

I forced them to eat a little bit of fruit and bread and cheese at the recital reception...
a little worried about how all that sugar might hit an empty system.

When we got there, it was a 30-minute wait to be seated...

the boys amused themselves by arguing,
and almost lost the whole deal...yes, we almost left

Miss C amused herself by playing in the fountain,
and only stepped one whole foot in
and then it started raining and we sought refuge under the big awning.
where the Baby X taunted Miss C with the giant bunny, Q-Man made weird faces, and Big G pretended that the buzzer/pager thing was some sort of top-secret weapon

Finally, the buzzer went off!
We were seated and served very quickly.
this place is known for gigantic sundaes.
I tried to talk the kids into the "petite" size...
they would have none of that!
So they got 
and dad had his cleansing glass of water.

In typical Big G fashion, he only ate half and politely pushed it away, declaring 
I'm full.

Vanilla, marshmallow topping, whipped cream.
sounded so nasty to me...
of course I had to finish it for him and it was
so. good.

Peppermint, chocolate syrup, whipped cream.
Scraping the shine off the plate so as to not miss a molecule,
Baby X actually started to try and put her face into the
bowl to lick it clean.
I stopped her.
Mint chip, chocolate syrup, whipped cream.
This boy was so pissed.
Q-Man hates whipped cream.
I cannot believe he comes from my gene pool.
I ordered whipped cream on his sundae
for me!
But he was so mad when it was placed in front of him...
I had to suck that cream down super speedy ;-)

And this one?

Just happy to be here!

Do you have a favorite place to get ice cream?  Did you have a favorite place when you were a kid?
– Italy is my favorite place to get ice cream ;-)  Fenton's was my fave when I was a kid.  We almost never went there, though.

What is your favorite kind of sundae?  Please describe in detail!
– I like the good, ol' Black and Tan... coffee and vanilla ice cream with hot fudge or chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  Mocha chip ice cream works, too.  No nuts.  But it has been a loooooonnnnnnng time since I ordered my own sundae.  I am pretty much just the clean-up crew at this point ;-)


  1. Is that the Fenton's in Vacaville or Oakland? Probably Oakland. I used to go to the Oakland one after I had to see the foot doctor. It was a treat--I even remember they had a flavor named "Shannon's Cookie Dream" or something.

    And I saw in "Up" that they had Fenton's! How could they use a creamery that only has 3 store locations? I thought that was cool.

  2. same as you Italy!!!
    but in Quebec there is a small place on the side of a road, opens only in the summer, they have the best soft ice cream ever.

    I must find the post where you explained that new pic with Castro
    Will go vote for you

  3. This looks so delicious! I have a hard time waiting that long for food/dessert...must be amazing!

  4. ahhh MEMORIES!!! Fentons was my favorite!!! There was one in Pleasant Hill we used to go to alllll the time, it was incredible and the ice cream was so good. Your kids were very smart to request a specific place, I like their style!

  5. Fenton's?!?! Did I know you're local to me?


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