12 March 2011

Did someone say "penguin"?

Who doesn't LOVE penguins?

even hot babes like Jessica Alba love penguins!

Tonight is the big benefit gala thing for our kids' school.  I am not there.

But my husband is.

He got all dolled up for the occasion ;-)

He looks pretty awesome in his penguin suit...

whether he is standing in front of the stunning garage door...
or next to the gas and electric meter on the side of the house...
or thoughtfully looking at our minivan his Aston Martin
across the gravel spacious lawn of his estate.

He's been working really hard to look this good.  My husband does P90X.  Yes, he does.  You should see him with no clothes on.  Wait.  Nevermind.  You should see him without his shirt on :)  the other is just for me.

He and Tony Horton are like that *holding up two fingers squished together and crossed*

And for the past two weeks he has been doing an amazing and rigorous cleanse program.  Last week, it was just brown rice, vegetables, fruits and his special rice-based protein powder stuff.  Yesterday he got to add beans and quinoa and oats back in... tomorrow he gets nuts.... he is very excited :)

And he is smokin' hot!

Have you ever been to a fancy tuxedo-y event?
– I think just my wedding.

Have you ever done a dietary cleanse program?  How long was it?  Did you feel great after?
– I did the one he is doing.  It's 28 days long... like rehab.  I felt AMAZING and didn't want to stop it when it was over and continued eating "clean" for another 3 months or so until I was pregnant and only wanted Ritz crackers with cream cheese... neither of which are part of the program.


  1. My sister's wedding was a dressy tuxedo type affair, and my brother's wedding. I was in the wedding party for my sister. As far as a cleanse, nope I've never done one. Never seen the reason to do it.

  2. I've never done a cleanse but I'd love to know more specific details and cleansing.

  3. I fasted (only drank water) for 24 hours as a means to be stronger with God. It was a pretty cool experience. Even though I was pretty hungry since I did it with a purpose my mind seemed very focussed all day long.

  4. Hubs is looking good. I still have no idea what P90X is. I actually own a tux. I like to wear it on first dates to make a good first impression. Kidding.

  5. Totally time-debting... Chris! LOL! what a first impression that would be! Baby blue tux?

    There is actually a "click on it" link in that post... click on P90X and it will tell you what it is.

  6. Never done a cleanse, but I love penguins. Was that the question? I don't usually get invited to fancy events. I did go to my wedding, however.

  7. never done a cleanse, doubt I ever will. Just don't think it is my thing. I lived on a steady diet of chicklets and frozen ice milk in college, does that count?

  8. P90X. I will never be a graduate. I start throwing things at Tony Horton and telling him to eff off at about day 8....

    Nice penguin! One to be proud of:) We go to a hospital penguin gala once a year.

    I've never really done a total cleansing program. Clean eating however does make me feel amazing after I get through the initial withdrawl phase!!

  9. Woo-hoo! Looking good! :)

    I'd love to do another cleanse....I did a fairly strict one just a couple of months ago and it was great....buuuuut probably wasn't a great choice while still working out hard and breastfeeding. Brilliant I tell ya. It was great though, except for the fact that I had to cut it a day short because I just didn't have enough to sustain myself and didn't want to push it. My eating has been crap for the past month and I'm feeling it. Now I just need to suck it up and fix it. Why is that so hard sometimes?


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