14 March 2011

Granny's Gadgets #11

Here we are in the eleventh week of our culinary exploration... for me, it gets more exciting every time! How 'bout you?

I am gaining confidence in the kitchen daily. I am moving beyond preparing just the ordinary and am reaching out the the extraordinary! While I still am a little chicken to tackle complex meals with multiple ingredients per item and requiring more than one item to be cooked, I am really working on my presentation:
California Hautedog Queasy-ne

I saw this at Chez Panisse (click on it and be impressed). And now that I am highly skilled in the kitchen, I had to try making it for myself... actually, I made it for Baby X.  I think it came out pretty snappy ;-)

Well, maybe it wasn't exactly this I saw.

And maybe it wasn't exactly at Chez Panisse that I saw it.

But if Alice Waters (click on it) were on my budget and feeding my picky-sticky eaters, I am positive that this is what she would have come up with!

Presentation can make all the difference.
See above. Lovely presentation can turn a lousy hot dog, a fistful of baby carrots and a passle o' raspberries into a glorious feast for both eyes and mouth...so appealing in every way...That is what makes Martha Stewart so popular...turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Panache. Style. Fancyness.

So far all of our gadgets have been quite utilitarian. yes, big word. means they do something useful.
Not today's.  This one is brought to you with Martha in mind... and maybe Alice Waters, too.  

And note the beautiful plate! The plate was also my mother-in-law's.  Granny's plate is in the mix :)  Part of her wedding china...really.  1950, baby.

I am really serious, you guys.  If anyone knows what this thing really is... tell!  Or if I got it right but you have some ease-of-use tips or something that would enable greater success...SHARE!

That is what the comment section is for!  aren't you glad you know now ;-)
so leave some!

What is the most renowned and/or famous restaurant in your area?  Have you ever eaten there?
– Chez Panisse is right up the street from my mom's house, which is about 15 minutes from where we live. It is probably the most renowned/famous restaurant in our area... it started that whole California Cuisine thing. Alice Waters, who founded it, used to shop in the store where I worked. She was kind of odd.  But most genius-types are.  At least that's what I keep telling myself :P  I have eaten there.  There are two parts... the upstairs and the downstairs.  The upstairs is where normal people go for an expensive night out.  The downstairs is where people go who want to drop an ungodly amount of money on a meal.  I have only ever eaten upstairs.


  1. hmmm out here? We have a great steak house but I do love the Melting Pot(we don't go out to eat often, surprise right.. HAHA) I think we are going to try a fondue night at home with the kids. Should be fun!

  2. So funny! Love your laugh. I'd say that if this is the purpose of this gadget then you should just get rid of it because...really? Way too much work to cut something that is just going to melt. ;) I've been thinking about you a lot the past few days and realizing that I've missed you...you're definitely one of my favorite blog friends and I've missed reading your words. Someday soon I'll have my routine back. Truthfully, the break from blogging has been a nice ebb to my flow of living. :) But there are at least 5 of you out there that I must check in with!! :)

  3. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!!!! Presentation is EVERYTHING:) We have a French Restaurant that is really famous that Billy took me to for our first valentines day.....now we are too poor and can only afford Cafe Rio ha! Have an amazing day gorgeous girl!

  4. I believe there is nothing more luxurious than good food - especially when you can create it yourself. If I'm in the money or not in the money any extra money goes towards creating awesome food.

    For awhile I did a rotating dinner night with a couple folks. After a few evenings they were like "Ok, we're not having a competition over the meals." It was said in jest, of course, but I think there is something about good food that makes for increased enjoyment of the evening.

    Renown restaurants? I can think of several good ones...but renown? I dunno.

  5. You're right, it's all about presentation, and the presentation there is beautiful...but dare I ask what the pill bottle looking thing is?!

  6. LOL... that pill bottle thing is a mini bottle of KETCHUP!

  7. hahaha I hope Martha Stewart comes over here and tells us what that thing is because I don't think it's for butter!

  8. This is hilarious!

    Stopping by from Carri's Sunday Funday linky loo!

  9. Did the picky eaters appreciate the presentation?


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