16 March 2011

Musique pour Mercredi

Not sung in French.  But...

the band's name is French (do we need to brush up on our language skills by visiting last week's Family Guy French lesson?)


the footage is from a French movie and they are speaking French in the beginning before the singing starts.

I soooooo want to copy this video dance sequence!  Or get my kids to do it.

And I'll tell ya... the way she is dancing by herself there at the end... reminds me of an embarrassing dance floor moment of my own ;-)

Do you like New Wave music?  Did you know that is what "nouvelle vague" means?
– I like New Wave music.  I featured Mink DeVille the other week. Elvis Costello... like. Joe Jackson... like.  Talking Heads... like. Speaking of 'LIKE' ... did you know you can use the Facebook badge on the sidebar to go and 'LIKE' my new Facebook page?  Do it!

Do you have any embarrassing dance floor moments?  (I borrowed this question from my friends at Lady Brain)
– oh, noooo...  not so sure I can tell this one on here.  You might not be my friends anymore. Really embarrassing!  And I don't think I want my kids reading this one ;-)


  1. I go back and forth on New Wave - the good stuff is excellent, but the rest (and there is SO much of it) is just terrible.

  2. I enjoy NW when I'm in the right mood for it.
    No dance floor embarrassments here...there were plenty of incidents, I just wasn't embarrassed...at the time. ; )


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