23 September 2012

A dumpling, a sausage, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Three loops...2.83 miles each = 8.49 miles... + 2 (0.78) = 1.56... 8.49 + 1.56 = 10.07, but I'm calling it 10.1 because today is a rounding up kind of day :) In any event, I completed a double digit run for the first time since January (I think).

Each of the three loops took 30 minutes...give or take 30 seconds. Total running time for the 10.1 miles was one gorgeous hour and 45 beautiful minutes.

I had no running buddy accompanying me this weekend, but I found myself in a great headspace and feeling physically pretty awesome so it all worked out okay. The survival nuts-n-bolts: took a good hit of water and a substantial hit of Nuun and a short pee break after each of the first two loops. I ate a date at end of that second loop, too. I almost went without a fuel stop and just focused on hydrating because I had great energy. No GI issues...just pee issues. I attribute my solid energy and belly to my hearty and amazing lunch. I ate said lunch at just after 1 o'clock and started my run at 4:25 p.m. It consisted of approximately 1/3 cup of cooked brown rice, half a can of organic black beans, half a tin of sardines, and about a quarter of a jar of Green Mountain Gringo hot salsa. Yeah, sardines. It tasted kind of weird...okay...kind of gaggy. But that was where the ton of salsa came in handy ;-)


It's hard for me to know if I felt kind of barfy because of that sugary date roughly an hour into things or because those sardines and hot salsa were catching up with me. Or if I felt a significant mental distraction set in at about the 8-mile mark because I didn't fuel enough during the run...or because I am just not really in 10-mile running shape yet. Hmmmm... things to ponder....

But the coolest thing about my run today was: my family :)

While not exactly running buddies, my husband and my two sons went for a hike around the loop while I ran. Can I use 'whilst' there? I figured they would be slow enough for me to jam on three loops to their one. And my calculations were spot on. They finished up mere moments before I came skipping merrily down the road, eager to continue for "just one more mile (and a half)!" Luckily, they were still having enough fun that they didn't mind waiting.

I felt on top of the world when it was over. I felt really strong except for the half-mile distraction thing around Mile 8. I felt tanned and toned and drop-dead gorgeous...kind of like this...

Evidently, I am delusional.

My ever-tactful son upon my arrival at the car: Gee, mom...you look fat!

Me: Yeah, well I am kinda fat...ish...

Him: No, you're not. It's just that your clothes are soooo tight! You're all...squeeeeezed...You look like a... a... a combination of ...

[yes, you guessed it...]

a dumpling,

a sausage,

and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Between my son's awesome comments and my husband shouting out...


every time I passed by, 

I think it's safe to say that perhaps I might rethink inviting my family along the next time I go running!

And even though we're roughly the same age, I am probably not going to be mistaking myself for Elle Macpherson again any time soon.

Have you felt beautiful yet this weekend? If you did, did it last? Or did someone burst that bubble for you?


  1. Haven't been in that good head space for several months. Need to find it again. Because while my weight has wavered in about a 3-4 lb range, I have felt fat and unfit and unmotivated. Love to see that you are finding your happy exercise place though. It gives me hope.

  2. Gotta love kids and their comments! Even if they don't always give the best compliments, it is so fun to be able to have them all be a part of your running. :)

  3. Why do we marry and procreate? Why? Why? And you aren't fat! And I'm sure you didn't have a camel toe...oh wait, he didn't say that, did he? Well, you aren't fat, I have seen pictures of you and your body is fabulous!

  4. My daughter once asked me why my arms look smaller when I hold them up than when they are resting on something. Sigh. Batwings. And I haven't felt beautiful at all this weekend with this cold and not being able to run, but my bed sure has felt beautiful.

    I'm just VERY happy for you with your double digits. You are being very smart about this comeback. It would make me feel beautiful, too!

  5. Sounds like a great run, minus the bubble bursting part. I can relate to the sausage feeling, as you know from my Lulu post. :) Luckily no one was around to call me out on it. Anyway, I'm sure you looked great and that your son was just being a typical teenage boy and your husband was super jealous that he didn't have you by his side. ;)

  6. hehe, camel is the best runner nickname...your family sounds like great running company. Way to push past double digits! Let's do it again on your deathly sounding 13 miler soon.

  7. That might be the best tattoo EVAR!!!!!!

    Love how our kids keep us humble.

  8. I love your camel toe. At least that's what I tell my wife.

    I guess I didn't feel very beautiful this weekend, but then again, I hardly ever do. Sigh.

    Your post makes me want to track down some soft porn now.

  9. I hate that picture! An impossible standard! I go to the doctor at the end of this week to see if I can start doing any exercise again. You bet your tush I don't feel hot these days...


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