18 September 2012

Breaking with (one week old) tradition...

I ran today.

I was going to not do squat all week and then have a killer weekend of brutality on the elliptical and the trails because that pattern worked out so perfectly last week. But it was gorgeous out today. And I had a hankering to run. And after deciding (in a totally delusional state late last night) that I need to run this race, of course I headed on over to Moeser.

yes, I always use this picture when I talk about Moeser...
because it very wonderfully displays what a total b*tch of a hill it is.

I would have looked like this today, but I had on yellow shoes.
And I've finally wised up to the fact that although black is slimming, 
it is really hot ...especially at high noon on a sunny day.
So instead I wore my hootchie-mama-on-a-hot-day outfit...
which, incidentally, keeps me honest about using my core for stability
because it is just a sports bra and booty shorts.
If I don't solidly engage my core, it is a beyond scary sight.
Thankfully, I now have a tan.

Even though I only had time to bust out one trip up and down...stretching things out at the top to equal 3 miles, I figured I was getting a jumpstart on 11 months of potential training. Nothing like being prepared, know what I mean?

And in other news...

Miss C has now entered The Dress Phase.

After 3 and a half years of violently shunning dresses, it is now all about the dress. If it isn't a dress, it doesn't get worn.

The nice thing is she is not slowed down or at all changed by the dress. Well, a little slowing down might have been nice, now that I think about it...

She still will climb anything and everything.

And even in a dress, she still ignores me.

There must be a dress ready to go at all times. She even must sleep in a dress. Not a nightgown...a dress.

I'm not even going to get started on the new situation with tights.

Did you ever have a favorite kind of clothing or article of clothing as a kid?
– In sixth grade, I wore this hideous acrylic argyle sweater just about every single day. Every. Single. Day. Much to my mother's dismay. I even had my school photo taken in the thing...because I forgot it was Picture Day and was, of course, wearing my favorite hideous sweater. I should see if I can scare up that photo...

Do you ever not work out for days on end in the hopes that your next workout will be awesome because you're so well rested?
– I am that delusional, yes.


  1. Oh that hill is just silly!!! No thanks! My daughter is all about things that twirl. In the summer it was easy because she would pick out a dress to wear every day. Now that she is in school I have to at least make sure the dress isn't too short or things...she is still sticking to skirts and dresses that twirl though. She tests them out each night!!

  2. My daughter is 6 and still prefers dresses. I can get shorts on her, but *only* if we are biking and the dress will get caught.

    That run looks killer. Great job!

  3. Oh...and keep shorts she has outgrown to put underneath. Mine wears leggings that she has grown out of under her dresses so her panties don't show. ;-)

  4. Wow a 3 mile hill.....awesome, that hill scares me...but boy the view is nice!
    Phene has been in that dress stage lately too! She loves dresses! But it's too hot for tights here :)

  5. My daughter is 5.5 and refuses to wear dresses. I've already started talking to her about Christmas and how I'd like her to wear one. I've shown her said dress and said she can wear yoga pants under it (tights? not worth trying). So far she's consenting...but Christmas is still a long ways away. We'll see. This is a kid who wants to be Luke Skywalker (NOT Princess Leia).

  6. That is one rough hill!!! I am holding on to the fact that all of this "not working out" will pay off somehow...so yes, I I do that as well!

    She is too cute...all boys here, so I love the dresses;) me? I was a tomboy myself growing up, and still am...but I love to dress up nice ;)

  7. I am sure she will grow out of the dress phase. I don't know if I went through a dress phase...my mom used to make me wear skirts as a kid, and now I rarely wear dresses!

    I think you need to find that sweater photo, stat.


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