20 September 2012

Hunting in my underwear...

I did it again.

I went running in my don't shoot me orange sports bra.

I could have been hunting...I was dressed for it...but I was way too distracted once again by my super sexy shadow that decided to get all shy and wouldn't let me take a decent photo of it...

But what is awesome about these photos is that you can see some of ankle-grabbing, human-swallowing cracks in the road that have inspired pretendings of being a tribute in The Hunger Games...

Fortunately, I was not running for my life. And it's a good thing, too. That sports bra is like a beacon. If I were wearing it in The Hunger Games, it would be screaming shoot me instead of don't shoot me.

This morning was too beautiful for words...and it was screaming, or rather beckoning that I hit the trail...

 Cool and shady along the creek...

Cresting the big hill...

 Extending the run with a little road action...
I could have hunted here...I saw a whole flock of quail!
Do you call a bunch of quail a 'flock'?

This is what the descent looked like today...
California Late Summer Brown with Mt. Tamalpais in the distance.
Still looks like The Road to Infinite Possibilities to me :)

I ran faster than usual but not harder. So nice when that happens :)

 I saw this cat hunting...so some hunting was occurring.
Unfortunately, the loud "click" of my camera disturbed its focus :(

I would have given this run two thumbs up,
but I needed the other thumb to hold the camera.

4 miles.
40 minutes.
Lots of smiling.
No pain, just hard work :)


  1. Looks like a great spot to run! And yea for no pain!!

  2. yay no pain! yay all smiles! and what a pretty run!

  3. That sounds perfect! I love runs like this!

  4. Best part of this post besides seeing you in your orange bra is the NO PAIN :)

  5. No pain and hard work sounds GREAT to me! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. That animal looks like a hippo :) Do you stop to take pics or do you snap and run? Miss you and your blog!

  7. Must suck living in such a beautiful area and running on those amazing trails. LOL I finally read the HG trilogy of books (like in a week) so I actually get the references. About time. So pleased for your pain-free runs.

  8. You inspire me. As you get stronger and healthier, my knees are aching and my stamina is crap. I need to follow tour lead and quit my bitching!

  9. I lOVE that sports bra!! so glad to hear your runs are leaving you happy and pain free!!! those trails are amazing, and I would love to get there one day ;)

  10. SO nice to find someone else over 30 who regularly pretends to be Katniss when she needs to toughen up!!! Thought I was the only one!!

  11. Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Smiling big time for you! :)


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