19 August 2012

The Shadow Knows...but what are those?

I ran my favorite trail loop today.

I did it twice plus added a little spur halfway through the first loop to bring the total mileage to sevenpointsomething miles (7.1 or maybe 7.2...I don't know). It was beautiful out, but there were lots of dogs. Lunging, snapping, yapping dogs. Lots of apologies were extended to me.

As long as they don't bite me or trip me, it's all good, I said with a smile.

But here's what I don't get...

We're out in the pristine wilderness...well, fairly pristine anyway...and I'm seeing all these little, brightly-colored packets on the side of the trail. There are probably 8 or so in the 3 miles that is the loop. Red, yellow, blue, green... What are these things? I asked to no one in particular because at that moment I was totally alone. I slowed to get a better look.


That's what they were. I guess the dog people figured that just bagging it was enough. At least that way no one would step in it, right? And then who wants to carry that sh*t with them while they are walking in nature? No one. So just leave the little giftie scootched up on the side of the trail but in plain sight...sort of decorative-like. News flash: That is NOT cleaning up after your dog. Carry the sh*t out, people.

Though I might seem peeved by this, it didn't disturb the awesomeness that was my run.

I felt strong and fluid the whole time. I held off some guy who tried to sneak up on me as I headed up the monster hill on my second time around... without even trying. And I practiced running in my sports bra...because it might be really hot again at Hood to Coast, and I don't want that to be the first time I expose my soft white underbelly to the universe. Here's what I noticed:  Running away from the sun is the best. Your shadow looks long and lean like a gazelle. I am going to confidently state that my shadow looked HOT. As I mentioned on DailyMile, shadows are awesome...no unsightly details.

It looked better when I was running. I swear.

The view oncoming hikers and runners had was decidedly less hot. To them, the unsightly details were visible...

Showing my wrinkly, hippogut and my shiny forehead. 
Grimacing because the sun in blasting my eyeballs.
Do you like my "Don't-Shoot-Me Orange" sports bra? 
You can get one at Target :)
A must-have if you plan to go hunting in your underwear.

The run was my third workout in 24 hours. No double-days of running for this chiquita...if I'm going to screw up my hip, I'm going to do it in the race and not before! I'm very curious to see how my alternative (or lack of) training plan will pan out next weekend. But not only am I curious, I am excited to see how it works! Less than a week!


  1. Dog owners! There have been rants about that on my blog. It isn't that big of a problem here, at least where/when I run, but times I'd like to get one of those big wheeled trash cans. I'd decorate it with big signs noting how inconsiderate dog owners are. I'd yell at the dog owners I saw. And I'd probably get shot if I did it in America. Maybe do a stakeout and shoot the offending owners in the butt or with a paintball. Hmmmm.

    Unsightly details? BAH! I see some core muscle there. Was there a shiny forehead? I didn't notice.

  2. "A must if you plan to go hunting in your underwear" had me laughing. I thought you (and your shadow) looked pretty darn good.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if they're going to come back and pick it up. I see at times on my neighborhood run and I'm hoping that it's just a matter of an ou and back and the person is going to come get it. I have dogs (2) and I occasionally run with one of them and I never leave shit-bags around even if I meant it to be temporary.

    1. They don't come back to pick it up generally speaking :( Thank you for being conscientious...it is very appreciated :)

  4. You'd think it would actually then make more sense NOT to bag it--I mean, dog shit is gross, but in a plastic bag it's definitely more of a littering situation!

    If dogs would just bury it like cats do, we wouldn't have this problem at all. Sigh.

  5. My shadow is totally hot, too, even on the recumbent bike. It's the only time I have lean legs.

    My belly, alas, will never see the light of day again. But yours I think looks awesome. Orange bra or not!

  6. Can we talk about the bags please!? I just went to Tilden yesterday and noticed the same thing! Are people so lazy that they leave them? But if they already bagged the poo, why is it so hard to carry it out afterward? I really don't get it. All I can figure is that maybe there is a sweeper who comes out and gets them later? I am very, VERY confused by this phenomenon.

    1. Yes! this was at Tilden yesterday! we must have just missed each other :)

  7. I call it "Caltrans Orange" although I have yet to see a Caltrans worker in her sports bra.

  8. The dog bags remind me of the human sh!t bags people left all over Mt. Whitney when I did it last year. Sad, and ridiculous.

    The hip is going to be so happy with you come next week...it's almost time! :)

  9. I'm also really confused by the dog-poo-in-a-bag phenomenon. I've seen it mostly at Redwood Regional. WHY??

  10. Usually dog owners here are pretty neat and clean, and we have a pretty well followed leash law. I can't complain.

  11. Nice job on the run!
    And aren't dog owners supposed to pick up those poop packets? Great that they used a packet, but it's useless if it's then litter on the trail lol

  12. Hooray for a awesome run! I'll have you know I ALWAYS carry my dog's poopy bags until I can find a trash can (even when I'm running). I can't believe the laziness of some people.

    Five more days 'till H2C! Woo-hoo!

  13. Yes, Marj, I swear I read every word of the post, but I cannot help it: I was drawn to your picture, and as someone who is slowly losing her abs, I was totally eyeing yours up, and loving them! Oh my, stop with the hippogut, I think you are totally a sexy bitch!

  14. I was running on the trail yesterday with my dog...and luckily we didn't have to stop for her to crap....BUT my plan was if she did...to bag it, and leave on side of trail and pick up on my way back...since we were running an out and back. I didn't want to carry the crap the whole time.
    I wouldn't have left it though!!!

  15. what’s way more fun about reading this is that we are having side emails with similar conversations. rocking stomach. and so gross about the poop.

  16. Seriously people?!?!? That is so annoying that people would just discard the little baggies like that. Glad it didn't ruin your run but I would probably mention something to the park officials, maybe they could start ticketing for litter?

    Also, you have nothing to worry about revealing your tummy, you look good!


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