15 August 2012

The Ellimpics Finale...and how I'm like Meb and Ryan

There must have been some political boycott or something going on because there were almost as few participants in this year's Ellimpics as there were Americans in the 1980 Olympics...which was zero.

The quantity of competitors was not indicative of the quality at all, however.
How I'm like Meb and Ryan.

So...I know you're wondering how, aside from the obvious like...ummmm...all three of us are humans... and we all run (though we use that word loosely in reference to me).... and we are all Americans... and, well, we've all represented the US in international competition...  just how am I like either of those super fast runner guys?

Here is how...
  • on Sunday August 12, 2012, all three of us set out to complete 26.2 miles...mine just happened to be on the elliptical and theirs happened to be the Olympic marathon in London.
  • Ryan and I both do not have a (non-eternal) coach and do not follow a specified training program.
  • Ryan and I both DNF'd our Sunday events.
  • Meb and I finished what we did in 2 hours 11 minutes and change. Granted his was running the full distance on the ground and he wound up fourth in the Olympics, a huge difference than me calling it quits after 20 measly miles on the elliptical...bored out of my f*cking skull.
Was I bummed to DNF my elliptical marathon?

No way.

Smartest thing I ever did was bail on that puppy. I realized 20 minutes into it that 
  1. I am not really in 3-hours-of-continuous-intense-exercise-of-any-kind shape and
  2. Three hours on an elliptical is a really, really, really long time and
  3. I was already really, really, really bored and just over one-seventh of the way done and
  4. What the heck was I thinking?
I really wanted to finish feeling awesome about the workout and solid in the effort. I picked 20 miles as my end point and then went after it. I managed to work negative splits the whole way and finished the 20 in 2:11:43. Then I went home and had lunch and played Gin Rummy with my kids.

I still can't run as fast as I can elliptical. I tried the other night. But all the chiropractic leg-yanking is getting me closer. Maybe by 2016? Nah... I'm grooving on not being obsessive and 'driven' anymore :)

Gracie and Terzah...email me some info on where to send your Ellimpic prizes :)


  1. 20 miles on an elliptical is amazing! You can't run that far yet physically, but mentally, that inside repetitive stuff makes you really tough. Sometimes mental is the hardest part.

  2. I don't think I've been on an elliptical more than 4 miles Maybe. Hats off to you. And I hope you did a victory dance in the gym with a little singing...that would have been a great video/vlog Marjorie. xo

  3. Wow, I have so little in common with Meb and Ryan it's truly remarkable. I bet they would bow to your prowess on the elliptical. 20 miles...wow...20 low-impact miles.....

    Thank you for allowing me to compete! May we never have to compete this way again! I'll send you my address.

  4. P.S. Just read Gracie's post....fantastic....

  5. 2 hours plus on a piece of gym equipment, amazing despite the DNF! You've got mental toughness. Looking forward to my perimenopausal passoff to you after legs 11, 23 and 35!

  6. Good job on your elliptical marathon. I wouldn't have lasted 20 minutes! Are you getting excited for Hood to Coast?

  7. 2+ hours on an elliptical machine is grounds for a medal or a straight jacket. Great job!

  8. Both Gracie and Terah did fantastic write ups!! Your time on the elliptical is impressive -- I couldn't stay on for 5 minutes!

  9. Your elliptics amaze me. And how do you go so FAST? I'm slower on the elliptical!
    And yes...well...I did rather enjoy my event, I must admit!

  10. 20 miles!!!! that is crazy! you cannot call yourself a pansy...not ever!

  11. Awesome! 20 on the ET is something to be very proud of! :)

  12. Dammit I am a day late on this. My 20 mile pool run was epic. EPIC!

  13. I love that you have prizes. If I would have known that I would have done a treadmill 100m or something.

  14. so impressed with the miles on an elliptical. i failed at this challenge miserably. oops.


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