02 August 2012

The Ellimpics: Rules of Play and Schedule of Events

If you've been anxiously awaiting info on the upcoming Ellimpics, a Games intended for those relegated to training on machines, your wait is over!

The events that shall comprise The Ellimpics, whose motto shall now be  

"It's time to stop lamenting that we cannot run very much for now and embrace the gifts we have, enjoy the outlets we can utilize, and celebrate what we can do," 

will begin Saturday, August 4, 2012 and will conclude Sunday, August 12, 2012. Do what you can when you can during that span of time.

The official events will be the following:
  • Elliptical 10K
  • Elliptical 5K
  • Recumbent Bike 20 min. (how much distance can you cover in 20 min?)
  • Recumbent Bike 60 min. (how much distance can you cover in 60 min?)
  • StairMaster 5-mile
  • Alter-G 10K
  • Alter-G 5K
The unofficial events will be the following:
  • whatever wacked out thing you can come up with that takes place on a rehabbing machine (I'm thinking Elliptical Half-Marathon or Marathon and Recumbent Bike Century or Metric Century and Individual Medley Relay or Decathlon comprised of many different machines)
  • You needn't be injured to participate but you must compete on a machine. 
  • You may set the machine on whatever resistance or incline, etc. that suits you...and you may change it during the course of your event.
  • You must complete your event in a single shot...no getting off and on. Well, if you're doing a LONG event, you might need to go pee or get more water. In that case, breaks must be calculated into your finish time. Although, it is acceptable to post a DNF time with the distance actually completed. And not finishing is not grounds for disqualification. We are just here to do our best...sometimes that means stopping before we are 'supposed to'.
  • Music, video entertainment, trashy tabloid magazines, and any/all other distraction devices are acceptable for use during competition.
  • No puking...we are injured athletes who are rehabbing and shouldn't be pushing ourselves that hard ;-) And the gym might get annoyed.
There will, of course, be cool prizes. Some will be given at random and some will be awarded. I'm not organized enough to know how many will be in each category or even what the categories will be, but there will be a minimum of 3 prizes given out in total. You will like the prizes. 

I'm thinking of entering the elliptical events and the StairMaster event in addition to some wacked out events. And maybe even an IM. I will not be eligible for prizes...I'm just going to do it to motivate you! :)

Leave a comment indicating your interest and which event(s) you're planning to attempt...if you know. Tell your friends, tell your family...fun for everyone!

If people share their Ellimpics stories of challenge and triumph, I will be sure to post links :)

Who's in?


  1. Oh I am pitiful that those elliptical distances are still a little far for me! I can't even think of a decent excuse!

    1. How about 10 minutes elliptical + 10 min stairmaster to make a 'sprint' duathlon exhibition event?

  2. Ok, this is pretty cool. I may be in!

  3. Great idea! I try to avoid working out on machines, so I'll be ringing a cow bell cheering everyone on :-)

  4. No access to machines these days so I'll have to join Mike on cow bell duty. Best wishes to all those who participate though!

  5. I may have to do the stairmaster 5 mile! Haha, also the century recumbent bike sounds brutal! I'm not injured, but this could be fun :)

  6. I'm in for the elliptical 10k, but I can already tell you my time will be exactly 1 hour. Unless the rules are for a resistance below 12...then, I will flyyyyyyy!

    can we rent an ElliptiGo somewhere? they look so cool

    1. The official rules state "...you may set the machine on whatever resistance or incline, etc. that suits you..." so go flyyyyyy, girl!!!!

  7. OK, I'll give it a go- maybe I can sneak in an elliptical 5k before I teach Zumba next week.

  8. You KNOW I'm in! I just got up from a nap (which really should also be an official event, in which I would take gold in world record fashion if my kids let me....)

    Put me down for the Recumbent 1-hour ride (I betcha I'll be the sole competitor in the category because really, who'd want to?) and I'll also see if I can commit to something else nutso on the recumbent.

  9. I already mentioned that I'm in, but the GF is going to participate too. I think we're gonna do the Elliptical 10K and 5K. The GF is going to attempt an Elliptical Half Marathon and I'm going to attempt the Stair Master 5 Mile. Then I think I'm gonna put together some sort of multi-athlon of 2 to 3 miles on about 2 to 3 machines (elliptical, stair, bike, row, etc.)

  10. this will force me to do something other than run. perhaps the elliptical 5k.

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