04 August 2012

"Not ALL adjustments are THAT dramatic"...

...said my new best friend chiropractor.

After a million years of trying so many different things (and yes, I did try chiro before), my PT and I discussed the possibility that my leg was now loosened up enough and my body strong enough to be effectively adjusted and then to hold the adjustment. And so on Thursday, I went to see a chiropractor for the third time in my life...and the first time since 2007.

If you've ever been to a chiropractor, this will just be boring. It might be boring anyway. If you find it boring, good God, just skip it!

After taking a lot of information; observing and assessing my posture, strength, balance, and symmetry; discussing the what, how and why of my wacked out hip socket and what to do with it; and wiggling my face-down body back and forth and up and down on this super nifty adjustment table...

The doctor told me to turn over onto my back and instructed me that there were handles to hold above my head. I grabbed the handles. She took my offending leg gently but firmly into her hands and began to rotate it a bit.

Then she allofasuddenyankeditashardasshecouldandthehipsocketwent


and my leg was dangling off the table, attached to my torso by my skin alone.

Just kidding.

About that last part only.

The ball-and-socket joint did, indeed, crack louder than a bullwhip in a rodeo ring, but it didn't come apart...even though it felt like it did.

And I started laughing like Q-Man did when I pulled his tooth out.

And then I got up off the table, put my pants and shoes on, and walked out of there like a totally normal person...with no hip pain and no weirdness to my walk.

Yeah...I'm definitely going again.

And yeah...I'm definitely asking her if she'll do that yankmyhipoutofthesocket thing again.

I think this is going to work out pretty amazingly.


  1. My chiropractor is kind of a super hero too :)

  2. I can't handle things cracking..*shutter*

  3. The knee guy I went to for ART also did chiro, which I hadn't known, and that's probably just as well, since the whole concept of chiro makes my liver shift in my chest, just a little.

    So he worked on my knees and feet and it was all good. Painful sometimes with his Graston tool, but good. Then he started working on my back, and there were some gawdawful noises doing that. I nearly threw up once. Him working on my low back turned into a bit of a struggle of my trying to relax (honest!) and him trying to move things back to where they should be.

    Glad to hear you can walk like a normal person, and hope it stays that way.

  4. That is so awesome. I'm happy for you.

  5. So glad to read this! I may have something similar done to my low back in two weeks. I've always been wary of chiropractors--this gives me hope that I'm doing the right thing!

  6. I hate cracking...though I know it can help...I just can't stand the cracking!

  7. That's fantastic news -- so several days later how are you feeling?

  8. It sounds like a good trip to the chiropractor!

  9. I have never seen a chiro
    this sounds painful...the cracking part
    I would pass out...pretty sure

  10. It's an oddly soothing experience visiting the chiropractor. Not as painful as one may think, I usually walk out of there feeling about 10 years younger (which would make me a healthy 13 years old).

  11. That sounds scary. I have never been to the chiro but my husband has. But it never really worked for him (doesn't seem like people with herniated discs get much relief from chiropractors).


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