03 August 2012

Some good stuff...

When I share with you all the stuff I'm digging right now, please understand that I am not suggesting anyone should run out and get any of it. Some of these items are medicinal in nature and should only be used on recommendation of your health care professional. Some are controversial and may elicit eye-rolling and heaving of sighs. It's just me sharing what I'm grooving on – nothing more, nothing less.

Here are my picks this week...

Fresh peaches...

All year every year, I wait patiently for peach season to return.

And now...it's HERE!!!!
and I have no idea why that peach looks so misshapen...yikes! It was good :)

Bakery on Main gluten-free granola...

...mixed with blueberries and raspberries and a little rice milk makes 
a delicious and healthful snack or meal.

Kaia Foods sprouted seeds...

As part of my new nutritional regimen, I am suggested to incorporate seeds into my diet...
pumpkin and flax during the first half of my monthly cycle and
sunflower and sesame during the second half.

Even though the Garlic & Sea Salt sprouted sunflower seeds smell like a combo of a**, decomposing sweat socks and the worst halitosis imaginable, they are delicious! 

You know, if you can sorta muscle your way past the gag reflex, all kinds of food possibilities open up.
– Emile, Ratatouille (2007)


Also really weird-smelling but great-tasting and very refreshing, 
I've read about kombucha for years and scoffed.
I no longer scoff. Now... I love.

Warning: the stuff is fizzy so don't shake it or open in your car without exercising caution.

Licorice water...

I hate black licorice, be it in jelly beans, whips, whatever.
Even the smell of anise makes me gag.
Lucky me...Licorice Extract is a twice a day component of my "beat adrenal fatigue" protocol...
and surprisingly, when you mix a quarter-teaspoonful of the nasty, tar-like substance with a tall glass of hot water, you get a delicious, naturally-sweet tea. I didn't like it at first, but I believe that was more based on my anti-licorice bias and less on how it actually tasted.

New hair conditioner!

I have coarse, thick, dry hair. I've never bothered to check out hair care products...too lazy or just not interested. I always figured my hair is what it is and there ain't nothin' gonna help it without a ton of effort. Then the other day I was just done with it feeling like straw. That same day I happened to walk up the beauty aisle at the grocery store (which I never do) and this bottle jumped into my cart.
It has transformed my hair into a shiny, silky, non-greasy mane of luxurious locks.
Pretty awesome.

Mezamashii Run Project from Mizuno...

Back in November I bought my first pair of Mizunos.
They were the ruby red Wave Rider 15 Limited Edition beauties 
and they changed the way I run in a really good way.
Recently I was invited to be a part of Mizuno's Mezamashii Run Project...

"...more ecstatic, electric, wind-in- your heart running."

Okay...whatever...But I love my Mizunos, 
and the other night I did have an ecstatic, blah blah blah run 
in these glorious, sunshiny-yellow shoes
that made me remember what I LOVE about running 
and why it is worth it to do all the rehab work so I can continue to do it.

Last item on the Love List...

the fact that I, once again finally, have a waist...

So it isn't chiseled or cut or ripped or modelesque...
it IS a waist again. 
One that goes in at the sides and doesn't stick out in the front.
And it's mine.

What are YOU digging right now? What will you be grooving on this weekend?
– I'm contemplating attempting an elliptical marathon this weekend. I'm not sure if it will be a groove-fest or a psychotic trip to hell. I really don't want the latter :P


  1. I will be getting back into my fitness routine. School had me putting it off. On break till Sept 19th!!

  2. Love the color of those Mizunos! I just got a new pair of Kinvara3s and can't wait to take them out on my long run tomorrow!

  3. You know, most women will move heaven and earth to avoid a photo of their abs, and are more than happy to include one of their hair.

    Quiet day today, but there is a street fair tomorrow. For me the highlight will be watching this 70 year old guy that has been making Japanese kitchen knives all his life. These things are art. There is a shop right across the street that sells dark chocolate that has been roasted that day, on the spot.

    1. Yeah...you know by now that I'm not "most women" ;-)

      Have fun at the street fair!

  4. Oooo, how I envy your waist. My still goes out too far on the sides and the front *sigh*. Good for you for whatever you're doing!

    I know I'd gag on the licorice drink, I've thrown up licorice jelly beans before. So nasty. But the Kombucha I've heard is really energizing ... one day I must look for it when I venture to someplace other than my local grocery store (which doesn't carry it).

    Colorado has the best peaches right now, too. I'm eating so many and just haven't gotten sick of them yet :).

  5. I like this idea of grooving on things & telling people about them. I may steal your post. ;)

  6. nice shoes! are those wave rider also?
    I just love mine and I am so happy I love them!

    nice waist! It was one of the nice thing about loosing all that weight is to see a waist ..it is full of scars from 4 surgeries but it is all good!!! I am not going for miss bikini anytime soon!!!

  7. I've been hearing a lot about these shoes! Love this post...fun to see into your life. I'm craving a peach now.

  8. I'm grooving on a new pair of Pegs....BRIGHT yellow-green....I just need to figure out where the battery is for them.

  9. Nice six-pack abs! Mine are just a saggy mess :) I'll be traveling to Bend, OR this weekend to run in a trail half marathon (called the Haulin' Aspen - I just love the name!) I'm also hoping to fit in a couple of hikes (got to get material for my blog) Good luck on your continued recovery - hope to see you in three weeks at the Hood to Coast!

  10. You look great! I love my Mizunos too (all 3 pairs)! Fresh peaches are one of my favorite things about summer.

  11. Oh lady! Your waist and abs look great! That licorice stuff might help me poo right?

  12. I love peaches! That one kind of looks like a Saturn Peach maybe? We buy them by the flat when we drive through the valley and I have been eating several a day!

  13. I love the flavor of peaches but the skin! Mad, I can't get over that fuzz. It's one of the few food things that make me nuts. That is the slimey okra deal, though I actually love okra aside from that.

    And licorice? I could eat block licorice until my teeth turn brown and my kidneys stop working. Knitting and black licorice. I am totally ready to be an old biddy.


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