21 October 2012

No Cupcakes...but it was a Classic 5K :)

Run With Jess organized the Cupcake Classic Virtual 5K, a race to be run however it worked best for the individual runner sometime during the time period of October 14th and 21st. You could do it by yourself, with a group, in the dark, on a trail...whatever you felt like doing.

I was so excited about this that I did it THREE times. Yes...1...2...3 times. Please excuse the absence of a race bib...I was so excited to be leaving the house to get away from my kids to go runnnnnninggggg that I forgot it :P

The first time I did it was Thursday...on the elliptical. After a 2.5-mile warm up, I ripped out a 17:19 elliptical 5K (just off my Ellipmic record). I will likely never be as fast on the ground as I am on the elliptical, and that is fine. I love how the elliptical makes me work super hard and doesn't hurt in that bad way. I love the feeling when my body is working at its capacity...LOVE it.

My second Cupcake Classic 5K was this afternoon from 5:00 until 5:31:36. It was beautiful out, and I was on my favorite trail running in these non-trail-running shoes...

I actually prefer these over my Brooks Cascadia 7 official trail-running shoes...
but I'm not doing anything very 'technical' (still not entirely sure what that means)

The temperature was perfect. Everything about the whole experience was perfect. I even randomly bumped into a friend from high school...in the middle of nowhere! I ran the whole loop with a goofy smile plastered on my face...sheer enjoyment. And when I finished, I said to myself Wow. That was so fun. I want to do it again! And so I did.

This final running of the Cupcake Classic 5K was faster than the second but not quite as fast as the first (for obvious reasons :P). You can tell it was smokin' fast by the blurriness of this picture...

Disclosure: that picture was actually taken during a different running of this route. I run this loop all the time and have an extensive archive of photos covering pretty much every section. Is that cheating?

This final 5K in the Cupcake series was completed in 30:02 (average pace 9:40).

I don't eat cupcakes so my post-race indulgence was this...

I'm like the kombucha ad girl...
I should seek an endorsement contract or something.
Maybe I need an agent?

Many thanks to the very organized and enthusiastic Jess for creating the Cupcake Classic 5K! She also does the Jelly Bean Run every spring and is going to help me organize Jingle Bell Hell in December...I am stoked to have her willing to work with me on that!

Any racers this weekend?

Any cupcake eaters or kombucha drinkers this weekend?


  1. I raced a local 5K then added my "bank 5K" (where I run my deposit to my local branch for a 3.1 mi loop). Last night as I laid in bed feeling a bit stiff and sore I was regretting the second run.

  2. I'm completely intrigued to know about jingle bell hell!

  3. I want to come up and run Jingle Bell Hell with you!
    I love Kombucha! Their mango is freaking amazing! I ran a fast(ish) 5K for the Cupcake Classic, although it was in the treadmill and I was too lazy to write a recap.

  4. 3x the cupcake challenge deserves a special medal of some sorts, or triple Kombuchas :). I did it too but actually did it on the 14th ... opps! And I didn't have a cupcake to celebrate, but I did have one after Chicago that should last me until about next year! :) Nice job, girl!

  5. jess does such a great job organizing!!
    I am a kombucha fan, but don't drink it all that often due to cost!

  6. I wish I ate a cupcake this weekend!! They are my favorite!
    I have never tried Kombucha...heard good things though!!

  7. Great job on your Cupcake run! Thx for participating! :)

  8. I forgot to enter my time :( and blog about it....EPIC FAIL!!! I love your recaps...they make me laugh

  9. no cupcakes for me. i did have fro-yo though. :) still haven’t tried this Kombucha stuff. Every time i see it at whole foods i think of you!

  10. Cupcake Classic...now there's a race I could get into! How cute is that name! I have to say, you inspire me to want to run...of course we are moments away from a snowfall here, so my motivation will have to hold until the spring. But you go girl with your bad self!


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