10 October 2012

Really Random Wednesday...with pictures

Random point number one...

"So much time, so little to do!" said the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

We've been watching a lot of Alice lately...even though that White Rabbit has things backwards.  As you can see, Miss C has decided what she wants to be for Halloween. Unfortunately, I made the age-old mistake of letting her try on the costume before the big event. After wearing it for a full day, she has come to the conclusion that because the dress was hanging in her big sister's closet it actually belongs to her big sister and, therefore, she (Miss C) cannot be Alice for Halloween. 

Toddler logic is so confounding.

Random point number 2...

I am so disappointed in myself :(  I have a favorite elliptical machine now :(  I tried so hard to be flexible and content to use whatever was there and to mix it up even when all machines were available. It didn't work. My favorite machine is the one third from the right-hand side of the picture...the one with no hand thingies (those things make me crazy!). It's near a fan. The angles always seem comfy. The resistance is adjustable in ways that make me happy. And it has a cup holder for my water bottle. It is my favorite and now I get bummed if it is in use :(  I'm heading to the gym now...I hope it is not in use.

Random point number 3...

Our local video rental store is going out of business. Are you thinking "It's about time!"? I guess we live in a retro community or something, but we've been patronizing this place since the mid-90's. As they get ready to shutter the shop, they are selling everything super cheap. "Why would anyone want a bunch of VHS tapes?" you might be asking. Well, because there are some great movies to be had and watched...so we stocked up. Call us foolish. We don't care.

Random point number 4...

Someone commented on my last post that I should include the elevation profile for the long run I did on Sunday. I've posted the hill before...but not the hill in quadruplicate.  Here is an image of it doubled from the spring, I think.

It's really the same hill twice...the jaggedy freak out was just signal issues with the Garmin-to-satellite communication, I think. So on Sunday I did the hill four times. So double this doubling.

Random point number 5...

The next time you see a mom with a bunch of kids in a rowdy, family-friendly restaurant trying to contend with a preschooler meltdown, have compassion. Ask if you can help. It does no good to say something shitty to the woman...she is struggling to hang on to any shred of sanity she might be in possession of. Saying something shitty might just make her cry...in public...in front of her kids. And we wouldn't want that.

I took my kids out to dinner the other night. Miss C realized after we had ordered our food that she had left her KITTY in the car, which was parked a long block away in a busy part of town. She flipped out. Baby X offered to go fetch it for her, which led to screams of discontent because Miss C wanted to get it HERSELF! Of course. I told X to just go, so she did. Miss C began the tantrum to end all tantrums. I just held her and told her it would be okay as she writhed and punched me in the face while shrieking at the top of her lungs. I was feeling thankful that it was a really loud restaurant filled with families being loud already. And then this woman came up to me and said something shitty...while Miss C is shrieking in my ear and head-butting me. I knew that as soon as the KITTY arrived, all would be well. I was hanging on for that moment...I knew it would come. But the shitty something made me cry. My togetherness was all an illusion :(  But sure enough, once the KITTY arrived, peace reigned the valley. 


Any random things to bring up for you this Wednesday?


  1. Oh, goodness. That little Alice of yours looks like a doll. Beautiful.

    I used to have a favorite treadmill at the gym...and even a favorite bathroom stall there. So I don't think you're strange at all. :)

  2. So sorry about the shitty comment...no mommy deserves that! You are a wonderful parent! I better obtain a lot more humility before I get a comment like that, I would have said something just as shitty back! Ah!

  3. We don't even own a VCR anymore. Probably haven't in years. LOL. To each his own.

  4. Who the heck comments on crying toddlers?! I mean, they all cry. Sometimes they cry all the time. That's just toddlers for ya.

  5. Oh those people with no filter...whose mouths work faster than their brains...inexcusable! So is that the video store shelf, or your library? I am glad DVDs take up a littl less room!

    1. That is only part of our collection. LOL We were phasing out all the VHS over the past few years...but now....

  6. your daughter is precious. i just want to squeeze her. i would’ve yelled back at that lady. MEAN. hmm, this wednesday brings a lot. some rough feels, some good. just glad it’s hump day!

  7. Always amazes me that other people feel they can comment in those moments!

  8. You posted the elevation profile for Lone Oak! My comment was heard, yay!

    That is freaking ridiculous that some random lady yelled at you. Hope she gets hers someday.

  9. HOW CUTE is your little ALICE!!! I love love her outfit! she looks so cute!!! I have a favorite treadmill...well 2 actually...it has to do with who can stare at my butt...you see it is about strategy

  10. Oh golly, public tantrums are hideous. Try not to worry about the lady...you know you're doing a great job!!!

  11. Alice is so pretty.. amazing. but comments is just that you never bother about better to ignore and walk the way you like its you own life . live it large


  12. Mean people suck. Hope your tormentor gets a dose of her own poison to make her realize how uncivilized it is to kick a stranger when they are down! Sending a big hug your way. My random Wednesday included driving both my neighbors' kids to school, because someone parked blocking their driveway... Who are these people? Hope Miss C comes around on the costume, because it's absolutely adorable!

  13. I can't believe someone had the nerve to say something mean to you. Obviously the woman never had children. I always say, don't let the assholes get you down!

  14. Your daughter makes an adorable Alice! That woman in the restaurant was awful.

  15. I hope she comes around to using the hand-me-down costume because she looks adorable! I hope YOUR elliptical was available. I'm so sorry to hear you were treated so awful in the restaurant. To this day I say a prayer of thanks once in a while for the wife of the couple that owned a restaurant in Columbia we used to frequent. One night (on a rare night we tried to eat out) with our colicky baby H, some woman made a nasty comment to me about him and I was on the verge of losing it (full on bawling) when the wife came over and told me not to worry about that woman and that I was welcome with my baby any time I needed a meal out. That they were a FAMILY restaurant and she totally understood that sometimes babies are fussy. THEN I cried because at that moment in time, no one had ever been more kind to me.

  16. Good idea not to let them try on their costume...I have come close the last couple days!
    I am sorry about the meltdown...I hate when people interfere...don't have anything nice to say?? Don't say anything at all!!!

  17. BITCHES, man. Eff 'em right in the ear.


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