24 October 2012

Darth Vader drives a minivan

This morning I felt infinitely more prepared to battle the winner of the CalTrans Lifetime Achievement Award for Consistently Worst Commute. Coincidentally, the kids were very well behaved on the way into school. Must've been my scary look and heavy breathing that kept them in line.

Darth Vader also wears flip flops cleverly concealed beneath his boot covers.
Just in case he wants to escape to the beach for a little R & R.

Today is the last day of school for the next 12 days...remember, my kids get lots of lengthy breaks...and so the school-wide Halloween Parade and party is happening now. It's always fun to see all the kids in their costumes...and all the adults, too...

A binder full of woman...
several other women (qualified women, of course) did join her in there,
but I wasn't quick enough with the camera.

I was only able to get one picture of a child in a costume at the parade...it was one of my children...

Baby X is a vampiress-babe thing...
fortunately not a sleazy one...but skating on the edge :(  
My baby's growing up...

 I was only able to get the one shot because it is very challenging to juggle this (I did have to carry her the whole time)...

Yeah, she's smiling now that we're at Target and got her "Alice shoes"...
but she wasn't so much during the parade. 
Most likely because she was wearing the wrong shoes...the horror.

...a phone/camera and an extra jacket while wearing a Darth Vader helmet/mask that gouges into your face and flip flops that keep getting stuck in your boot covers. Seriously, no wonder Vader was so cranky.

What are you going to be for Halloween?
– The Darth Vader persona is my "only have 30 seconds...better throw something on" costume...it's not what I plan to be for the real Halloween. I'm actually not entirely sure what I will be. I had an idea, but now can't find the right dress in the right size anywhere (meaning at any Target in a 20-mile radius) :(

If you have kids, what are they going to be for Halloween?
– Baby X is pictured above, as is Miss C. The boys are going to be:  Q-Man = Darth Maul and Big G = the King of Hearts...like on the playing card...but not as a playing card.


  1. E is most likely going as a toddler. I've tried to put his costume on hiim twice no and he throws the biggest fit ever. It's just a fleece jump suite with monster detail but he HATES it already. BUMMER!

    Love the Vader costume!

    1. Little kids and costumes always seems to be rough! Either you find something that they LOVE and refuse to take off until Halloween rolls around and then they're sick of it, OR they just don't want anything to do with it at ALL. Good luck with it!

  2. Cracking up at the binder!

    Alice in Wonderland is too adorable!

    I have one pirate, one skeleton, and one undecided.

  3. lol on the binder full of women costume!

  4. "Seriously, no wonder Vader was so cranky." <<--My favorite line. I've never been really into Halloween, so I don't have plans for a costume. For Trick-or-Treat time, I'm still deciding between giving out candy and sitting on my porch with a shotgun shouting, "Get off my lawn!".

    1. Girl, you are too young to be such a curmudgeon! LOL

  5. I LOVE the Binder full of Women costume. That's incredible.

    My daughter is going as Cookie Monster (for the record, she's 12), my son is a scary, dead ghoul-thing. Whatever. My husband is dressing up as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. I should probably coordinate with that, but since he's a Principal, it's not like I'm going to be at his school.

  6. Fun! I love it when moms dress up, so many are fuddy duddies. MY mom-in-law bought me a bee costume so I guess that is what I will be:) My oldest got a black morph suit with a "jason" mask to go on top and my youngest is going to be a chimp. Wow, 12 days off! I always hate it when Halloween lands on a school night. I am tempted to let my kids skip the next day, it's a half day anyways:)

  7. My kids are going to be Han Solo (son) and a skeleton (daughter). The Darth Vader thing cracks me up because that's what I want to be--I'm going to look for a Darth costume when I go buy the skeleton. I was hoping my daughter would stick with her original Luke Skywalker costume choice but she changed her mind. She does that a lot!

  8. I love that you drove as Darth Vader!!!

    my one and only costume is the Cat in the Hat. I make a really TALL Cat in the Hat!!!

    My kids
    Will is going to be a Ninja
    Jonathan has 2 costumes..Superman and Obi wan kenobi

    Just saw your baseball team won...Go Giants!!!

  9. Your kids are look awesome! And you...such a cool mom. I'm so lame with costumes...Have not clue for this year. I'm not a good Halloween mom. But the kids would love if I were better at this holiday. :)

  10. Thanks for including the photo! I'm flattered. The irony is that I almost didn't have time to make the binder what with work, chauffeuring kids, making Sarah's Halloween costume, cooking, cleaning...

    1. I was so bummed to not have gotten a shot when all those other women jumped in and joined you! It was a great costume!

  11. I love the kids costumes...very cute!
    (And I see that Miss C did decide to be Alice after all :)
    And I love that you dressed up too!
    Can't wait to see the other kids all dressed up.

  12. B is going to be a "snow princess" (some old costume in our stash) and H will either be a "hunter" or "soldier" like always. LOL

  13. love the makeup on the oldest! too fun! no kiddos-no costumes. my nuun bottles are dressed up. and i’m dressing up this weekend for my race but can’t quite spill the beans on that one yet. no real halloween party plans this year.

  14. Wait WHY DO THEY HAVE 12 DAYS off now? That is nuts! I'm wonder woman, b/c I could buy it online and it would require no creativity. Perfect for me.


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