20 February 2013

Still smiling ...

Today I go and maybe get a giant needle stuck into my hip and have stuff injected in there. But I might not. It depends on what the doctor says. I hope he says,


because I am eager to get the show on the road even though it's needles and needles freak the crap out of me. If it works, if it doesn't work...at least it's a starting point. So I'm smiling even though I haven't run since I can't even remember. 

Thanks, everyone, for your shared excitement about the rowing. It was really fun. I did it twice last week, and that will be all...for now. Deciding to proceed with the prolotherapy course of treatment (which is not covered by insurance) will be a financial commitment that will already stretch us. Rowing is way more expensive than I had imagined. I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I was given the cost breakdown. What the WHAT? LOL! And, dude, 4:40 a.m. is sooooooo f*cking early!!! 

For now the energy will be focused on healing or treating or whatevering my sweet little hurting hip :) I will not curse it. I will be loving it and nurturing it and promising to do right by it.

As I ponder what lies ahead, I've been spending time hanging with one of my favorite girls...

Can't catch me!

Yeah, right now I can't...but wait until I get this hip sorted ;-)

We know who runs the show around here...

...and clearly, it isn't me!

Alrighty, time to go be a mom. Because guess what? My kids are ON VACATION!!!! Might be a good time to take a trip to the zoo ;-)

I'll be sure to report back about how the doctor appointment goes!

What would you want to do if you were a kid on vacation? Don't say Disneyland...think local :)

Ever tried a course of treatment that seemed experimental? How'd it go?

p.s. Jingle Bell Hellers...i have NOT forgotten about you! 


  1. I so appreciate reading about your journey! My situation is different medically - I had tendon repair surgery in December - but similar in logistics...The things I was doing to be fit, active and feel good were hard on my body. Now I am looking for new things and new ways of thinking...and I am still waiting for the tendon to heal. Patience is not really my virtue! Anyway thanks for sharing...it does help!

  2. I'm sorry this has been such a long road for you. I hope this gets you where you need to be. My husband is actually trying to get insurance coverage for it, too, for his knee (he's a basketball junkie).

    And I'm all about alternative treatments--I saw an applied kinesiologist for crying out loud (everyone thought I was nuts) and it worked. It's all worth it if you can run again.

  3. Stay strong mama! Classic car seat pic. Love it.

  4. Hope this visit works out as you want it to (and as how would be good for you, too, of course).

    We did the zoo on Monday--always a good idea. It was the first time the kids were more interested in the actual animals than in the carousel and kiddie train. Score! Hope you have a great week, hip and all.

  5. Glad to see you are riding safely!

  6. Fingers crossed this works out for you!

  7. Love the photo of you in the car seat. Looks comfy.
    Good luck with the prolotherapy. I've seen all sorts of "alternative" treatments work for people... but I have to say, sometimes the mind is the most powerful thing. Keep up the good attitude!

  8. Hang in there! I've got my fingers crossed for you.

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  10. Family vacations... ahh... my family never had the $$$ to go anywhere even remotely like Disney when I was growing up, but we always enjoyed our time together.

    Our favorite outing (which is still my favorite thing as an adult) was a trip to the beach. There's sand. Water. Hermit crabs. Seaweed. Life doesn't get better than a day at the beach!!!

  11. Lol, I do love how your kids are basically always on vacation. ;)


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