13 July 2013

So many things...

Yep, it's been a long time again.

On Tuesday, my sixth injection is scheduled. So far, so good. Nothing earth-shattering, but I do feel positive changes. Even if I'm unable to comfortably run ever, I will NOT write this off as a waste. What that means is: I'm still not running. And what that means is: I will simply regale you with photos of my awesome children. Click out if you must :)

Here's what's been going on since we last spoke blogged...

X returned from her field trip to France 
(because the zoo wasn't enough for her class).
 Poor girl NEVER got her luggage. EVER.
It's still missing.
And her host family was pretty bunk...
lots of familial "issues," shall we say?
But she got the most amazing reception from
her adoring siblings at the airport!

Clockwise from top left: 
X moved up from fifth to sixth grade in a little ceremony, 
G was in a play (he's the lump on the floor...more on that in a minute),
G graduated from middle school 
(he's the really short one between the girls, also more to follow),
and Q was a little too laid back during his end-of-the-year musicale.

So yeah, G was in a play. I knew he was taking Drama for his elective. I had some chickenscratch on my hardcopy calendar about Drama Night one Monday in early June. No one ever talked about. No school emails about it. So...on the day of, I decided to call the school and find out if my chickenscratch was bullshit. It wasn't. 

I picked G up from school and asked about it. "Oh, yeah!" he said. "Do we have a French hat and a coat a farmer would wear?" 

WTF, amiright? Show's in two hours and he's asking about costuming. 

As luck would have it, I DID have a "French hat" and the perfect coat. He was so excited.

Evidently, several families also missed the nonexistent memo and there were numerous late arrivals. And then the show happened. In past shows, G has portrayed "characters" like a silent bush or a mute policeman who points once or twice. My husband opted to skip the show and take a "personal night," thinking this would again be the case. However... This time G was onstage a LOT. And he talked a LOT. I remarked on this after the show. He was super exasperated with me.

"Mom..." he said. " I was the lead."

So yeah, G is kind of shrimpy. I know this. But when the graduating eighth graders were all standing on the stage, I seriously thought he was sitting down! Then I realized that all the girls were sporting hooker shoes...seriously. And the outfits. Total hootchie-mama city. I think I'll be an active parent and engage in a conversation about appropriate attire when my girls graduate!

 For Father's Day, we went to a Japanese restaurant.
While the sushi was totally unappealing to the kids,
the chopsticks provided a lot of entertainment :)
 That noodle DID end up on the floor.

The kids started their summer swimming lessons,
and the same week it rained a lot and was freezing cold.
Awesome SF Bay Area summer :)
These June pictures were just too cute to not include.

I will sincerely miss our playground visits 
when C starts daily all-day preschool in September.

At what age do kids figure out appropriate restaurant behavior?
You think I'd know this, but I must have amnesia.

 Did anyone NOT see fireworks this summer?
Our city is going broke and the show was only 15 minutes...
but it was AMAZING!!!!

That's all!


  1. Loved all the pics of the kids. My boy (going into 7th) looks like all the OTHER kids are sitting down. At his sports physical the other night - with shoes - he was over 5'8". Crazy! LOL about the lead in the play. Hate when the teachers don't communicate.

  2. Sorry about the running. But it looks like thing are moving along as usual otherwise! And at least you haven't lost your sense of humor...

  3. Dang! Hopefully there will be running in your future but in the meantime, looks like those adorable kids are keeping you plenty busy!

  4. Looks like a WONDERFUL summer! Boo to lame host families and lost luggage though. :-/

    Sorry the injections haven't made running work for you, but I'm glad you're seeing benefit. :)

  5. Well howdy! Good to hear what's going on with you! ANd I'm glad the injections are making some kind of difference. You're an active person, no matter what the sport may be, whether you're running or not.

  6. fun summer and i LOL at cause the zoo wasnt a good enough field trip!

  7. i miss you!! phone date soon? i'm sure summer is super busy with everyone at home...also, C should be a model. i've decided.

  8. I haven't posted since...SEPTEMBER! gasp!

    Looks like you're having a fun summer! Sorry for the no running, but glad you are feeling benefits of the injections!

  9. Just great seeing families having fun and keeping busy. Summer time is such a joyful time, keep up the running when you can, I know how you feel. Small setbacks can often be an opportunity to let your body repair itself:)

  10. Welcome back my bay area friend! I am glad the injections are helping a little and you are having fun with the kids!


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