12 May 2014

Update: Six weeks after hip replacement *graphic photo warning*

...and all's well :)

If you missed my initial post-op post, click here.

The walker has been retired.

I frequently wonder where in the hell I've left my cane.

The pain is minimal, and none of it is in the joint. What a beautiful thing!

I have a set of 10+ exercises that I am to do 2-3x/day. They are so basic. I started getting agitated because the rehab seemed lame. Then I realized that I'm not rehabbing from a sports injury and trying to get back into competitive form...I'm helping my body recover from a MAJOR trauma. Seven layers of tissue were sliced open and then stitched/glued back together. Nerves and muscles were retracted. A bone was sawed in two pieces. And then a metal rod was hammered down the center of my femur.

  • Calf raises and some anterior tibialis thing. 
  • High knee "marches" (quad and hip flexor, challenges balance).
  • A thing like butt kicks (works hamstrings, stretches quad, challenges balance).
  • Rear leg extensions, standing with minimal movement...just enough to activate the glutes.
  • Side leg lift, standing with minimal movement...just enough to activate the glute medius.
  • Sidestepping.
  • Walking up and down stairs, alternating feet.
  • Seated leg extension.
  • Seated leg extension with quad lift.
  • Seated leg extension with slight abduction.
  • Bridges.
  • Clams.
  • I walk a lot.
I have my 6-week post-operative check-up with my surgeon this coming Thursday. There, he will determine which restrictions to continue or impose or remove. I started driving last week...that was a big change! I was cleared for "a little" driving which turned into a lot...as in my normal amount. My leg isn't happy with that :( I need to pull back, but my husband was nearing a breaking point with driving duty. Hopefully, this week will be a lighter load for me.

I'm so very lucky and deeply appreciative to have such a supportive group of online and RL friends. Many thanks to all of you for your well-wishes and advice :)


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