31 December 2013

How to define 2013?

The year can be boiled down to three pictures and three words...

yes, this is my x-ray...which I saw for the first time today

yes, this is my husband...who'd kill me if he knew I posted this

yes, these are my kids...who inspire me every single day

2013 was the hardest year of my life...but it finished up well, creating a nice segue into the New Year. I'm ready for 2014. 

May it grace us all with an abundance of joy and good health.


Jingle Bell Hell 2013 Recap

It's hard to begin.

I didn't run this year. I sat in the back of my car and passed out donuts. I handled the state-of-the-art video for the finish line and monitored the new chip-timing.

It was fun, but I have to admit it was kind of sad to not get to run.

It was a glorious morning...

On the cold side, but not as frigid as last year.

I arrived early like a good race director should...armed with donuts and prizes and the trophy...

I had a hunch there would be very few runners so I offered donuts to hikers. Again, some looked at the smiling, donut-offering weirdo with suspicion while others gleefully accepted. Lesson for all of you: gleeful is way better than suspicious...it's a much more enjoyable way to go through life.

Jen showed up first...rarin' to go. Since RoseRunner had failed to respond to my wake-up text, we assumed she would be a no-show and Jen went on her merry way.

Forty-five minutes later, RoseRunner and her husband whipped into the parking lot and sauntered over to the start line, thinking that this year's chip-timing would be working in their favor. It wasn't. Lesson for all of you: prompt arrival at that start of a race can be the difference between #winning and losing.

Here comes Jen, sprinting to the chips!

but you may never get to see it :(

And with a good STOMP!

#JBH2013 was over and the victor was ... ummm... donut-ed.

I always like to use super flattering photos of my friends.

And scenic backdrops.

Many thanks to the three runners who showed and many thanks to the several virtual participants!

I aim to put together a round-up of the virtual recaps, so please email or tweet me your link AGAIN...I just moved and things have been pretty chaotic and I don't want to miss anyone!


Thus, Jen joins the winners who came before her...
inscribed in ballpoint pen on masking tape...

14 December 2013

What could be more fun than moving?

Moving during the holidays!

While trying to resuscitate a dying blog and host a virtual-and-IRL holiday race.

And coping with a crabby, stiff, painful arthritic hip.

I could go on but I'll spare you.

This is just a reminder that Jingle Bell Hell 2013 Week started today. Yay!!! If you missed the original post it's HERE.

I really hope some people come to the IRL version next Saturday. Yes, of COURSE there will be donuts. If people actually promised to show up, I'd get a box of Peet's coffee but y'all are a flaky bunch ;-) I won't be running this year but am hoping to get PT-clearance to ride my bike along the course to make sure no one CHEATS this year. Last year there was some discussion about length of course and who won and if everyone ran the same distance (they didn't) and if that was legit (it was).

So this is a rambling, nonsensical post by a frazzled, moving, achy momma who still hasn't gotten a tree or presents for her kids...or husband...letting you know #JBH2013 is ON and to share two priceless bits of YouTube garbage that made my older kids laugh so hard they cried...

Because laughter is what makes the world go round...right?

Happy Weekend to everyone! May your running feel effortless and your spleen do it's thing and your yoga ball stay where it's supposed to ;-)

Lots o' love...



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