Magic moments link-up

The Mistaken Generosity of the Tooth Fairy  11/15/2011
Lawrence Hall of Science   10/2011       featuring dinosaurs and dino poop
Wild West Playground and other fall break fun   10/2011
Oakland Zoo    10/2011      "nobody puts emu in the corner" and otter-feeding video

Whose kids are these? Where IS the parent?  Miss C's daring behavior and kids do the darndest things  5/22/2011

These are tying times...   in which Big G learns how to tie his shoes... at age 11   5/7/2011

toilet-training issues
toilet-training complete (1/20/2012)
another cupboard baby
skating fun
cupboard baby
chuthers and darps
bad behavior in the grocery store
crazy saturday  includes Mom My Ride and Sally Brooks' Suburban Housewife

Sunday at Fenton's 
IQs, cupcakes and a very minor accident
random happenings 2/23/2011
walking on the letters  2/22/2011
lost keys and out of gas  3/23/2011
Monopoly 9/19/2011

Let sleeping babies lie...  4/25/2011

Messages we send our kids
Body Image
The F-Word

Miss C turns 2!
Q-Man turns 6!
Baby X turns 9!
Big G turns 12!

Christmas 2011 and the giant tree
Thanksgiving 2011  boys with big sticks
Halloween 2011
The Dad Post   celebrating Father's Day 2011
The Mom Post   celebrating Mother's Day 2011
The Slacker Bunny   or how XLMIC did Easter 2011
Crack   what I got from the Easter Bunny 2011

Homemade Pudding
Tuna Casserole

More to come... still a work in progress :)


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