15 September 2011

magic moments...

Life is full of magic moments.

I was super excited to see this link-up over at Shell's Things I Can't Say.
She always has the best link-ups... she did the Rockin' the Bump and Rockin' the Baby ones.
I loved participating in those!

I enjoy looking through old photos when I am feeling scattered... it really grounds me.
I've been having a tough time lately getting back into the swing of momming...
school starting hasn't helped as I thought it would.

It was hard to narrow down my choices so I picked several... some you've seen before.

The process of going through these has helped me to see...

to know...

that my life as a mom has been full of magic moments.

I've chosen to share the magic of traveling with my children...

A window seat and a good book...
with Sicilian citrus orchards in the background... hard to get more magical :)
Baby X, Villa Praiola 2006
Sharing a sweet moment with a two-year old...
in a crowded line to go up the Eiffel Tower.
with Miss C, Paris 2011
On the way to an old castle...
Big G, Varenna 2002
The magic of gravel in a cemetery...

Big G, St.-Paul-de-Vence 2002
Big G, Florence 2003
Loving the feel of the wind in his hair :)
Big G, Lago di Como 2001
The magic of motherhood...
with my children, Villefranche-sur-mer 2002

Link up your magic moments :)

My husband is an amazing photographer. He took all of these pictures except the first one (I got super lucky with my crappy point-n-shoot). If you would like to see more of his work, there is a link in the sidebar to his photoblog... Seeing In 4D. Check it out :)


  1. oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing. These moments definitely are magic!

  2. Your husband is very talented. Definitely amazing pictures. Our lives as moms sometimes get so overwhelmed with all the "have-to's" that it is hard to remember to savor these magical moments. I hope you are getting your mommy groove back now.

    I've never even been out of the country save a trip to Jamaica in 2000 (when you still didn't even need a passport to go). So I have to admit I'm a little jealous. I hope I don't put too many "somedays" on all my hoped for trips and can share at least some of them with my kids.

  3. Love the pictures. I think my favorite is the waiting in line at the eiffel tower. I just love the tiny little grin.

  4. Those are beautifully captured moments of magic!

    You've traveled to many great places I've only dreamed of. Very special, indeed!

  5. Gorgeous. And you're lucky you have someone to take pictures of you. I'm the photographer in the family, so when everyone looks back, they're going to think I was never around.;)

  6. I've never done 'therapy', but I can't imagine much therapy better than an old shoe box full of photos.

    Your comment about looking at old photos to ground yourself again, resonates with me. Don't know why I admitted that, but I did.

  7. You're right, those pictures are awesome!! Hope you get your mom-groove back soon :)

  8. AMAZING photos. Veranna is incredible. I would put that on MY wall and it's not even my kid. :)

  9. Talk about magical moments!! Absolutely breathtaking, every one. Thanks you for sharing them with us at Rub Some Dirt On It. They made my night!

  10. This was my favorite post of the week from the blog hop!! I listed it under the blog hop tab on my homepage and will shout it out on FB and twitter :) Loved it!


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