06 September 2011

Knock knock …

We now take a moment and break from our regularly scheduled programming... 

Some of you are going... "WHAT??!! you can't leave us hanging! Tell us! Tell us, XLMIC... Commando... whoever you are... tell us... WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?"

And some of you are thinking... "THANK HEAVEN she isn't posting about that stupid race again!"

To the first group of people I say... no worries :) The finish is coming... and you'll like it a lot!

To the second group I say... ppffffftttttt... ya might wanna leave 'cuz it's coming back :P

I know the recap is going on forever. But how can you tell the epic tale of an epic race in anything other than saga format? I know some of the other Nuun bloggers have managed. But I really wanted more. I wanted to really feel their Hood to Coast experiences. So I am hoping that I am giving you all what I would have wanted. Even if you don't want it.

Much as wine tasters or perfume testers need a cleansing of the palate from time to time, I am offering this as a cleansing of our Hood to Coast palate before bringing it home...

She is only 2. Yes, this is the same one who runs everywhere and jumps down stairs 4 at a time.

And that beeping is our dinner. Not yours.


  1. She's so smart!! When did she turn 2 again??

  2. Ahh she is so cute and she is a master joke teller already!

  3. Dang, I thought I'd get to read more HTC stories and then I thought it was MY dinner time. Double sadness! ;)

    What an absolute doll that 2-year old of yours is!!

  4. Oh my God that is too funny! Jax is almost 3 and he definitely does not get the idea of a joke yet. She's brilliant ;)

    Thanks for sharing that with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  5. Adorable. Best version ever of the banana / orange joke.


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