13 September 2011

Funny S*** Tuesday...

... literally and figuratively.

So I sometimes get a little uncomfortable with showing my deeper side. I am a reallyoverly sensitive, insightful, deeply-feeling person. Don't laugh. It's true. I have a weird habit of trying to cover upbalance out the inspirational, meaningful "me" with crassness and stupid jokes. Ask my husband, and he'll tell you how good I am at wrecking a mood with inappropriate laughter.

What this means is that I can't just go with yesterday's post about shooting the moon and my running goals.


Today I have to destroy the image of me being some kind of super together grown up. This is sure to leave some of you broken and disillusioned. Others will laugh at me. Still others will laugh with me.

Yesterday I had physical therapy. That was were my PT told me that she fully supported me training for a marathon. I even told her my time goal and she didn't laugh :) But... before I went into the treatment room I had to change into my shorts.

I had been wearing these yoga pants for two days (this is not the gross part). The day before I had felt some weird crumbly something going on around my backside (okay, that's kind of gross). I couldn't figure it out and so just ignored it, thinking maybe it would just go away.

When I took my pants off in the dressing room at PT, this was what I saw...

That's gross.

All I could think of was... what the heck? though the words in my head were a little stronger.

Then I realized what this mess was. And no... it wasn't s***. 

It was chocolate.

The first day I wore these pants I had gone grocery shopping with two of my kids. I needed a little pick-me-up in the form of chocolate. I put a fistful of chocolate chips into a little ziploc baggie and stuffed it into the waistband at the back of the pants. The baggie had a hole in it. The heat and pressure of my back against the seat of the car, squishing the chocolate chips, caused this mess.

I had to share this with someone who would understand, so I messaged Beth at Shut Up and Run! It had made me think of a post she did about licking herself like a cat after sitting in melted chocolate in her car. 

Of course she asked if had eaten it.

The answer is NO. Even though I know it's chocolate, it really looks too gross.


Next funny thing...

My kids have been on my case something fierce about playing on the computer. What is up with that? What happened to kick-the-can and paper dolls? I was trying to get stuff done and so I caved.

The three older kids were clustered around the screen, laughing hilariously...

What words do you love to say? 

What words always make you giggle?


And now serious biz...although the fact that I am plugging anything with a pink voting circle badge could be construed as exceptionally funny :P

The woman who inspired me to start running again and to also start a blog is in one of those frightening Circle of Moms Top 25 contests. She is in it because I told her to enter. Was that mean?

Anyway, she is beyond amazing... drop-dead gorgeous mom of 8 little kids, about to run her first marathon (St. George...most likely sub-4), gracious, funny, smart. It's the Top 25 Big Families blog contest. She is up against some super heavy-hitters. But Catey is the real deal, folks. Please go vote for her! Remember... you can vote once every 24 hours :)

Here's her direct voting link... right HERE.


  1. LMAO. "Did you eat it?" Man, that is gross. I am glad I knew before I saw the pic that it was chocolate.

  2. I love that your first reaction to finding an odd brown substance on your pants was to message Beth. My first thought might have been "I hope that will come out in the wash." But no, you had to share it with someone who could laugh at it with you. Awesome!

    I answered the funny word on someone else's blog the other day. It comes from a trip in WI with my sister = SHEBOYGAN! Fun to say (especially multiple times). My husband had one with his sisters when he was a kid = Gigglechips! They would whisper it to each other to make each other laugh (usually at a time when laughing would get the other in trouble). LOL

  3. Clearly speaks to the influence Beth has had on many that something that looks like that makes you think of her! Awesome that you shared it with us.

    Love that video. I know I must have some words like that-will have to go think on it

  4. oh that is so gross looking! and also so something that I would have happen....hilarious!

  5. Is it wrong that I want to lick your pants?

  6. That picture is hilarious. You're right, I almost didn't get past it!!

  7. You are a dork. And I mean that in my most loving way, similar to how I use it with my girls.

  8. I totally thought it was NOT chocolate. I thought...here we go..TMI from Marjorie!

  9. I was laughing to hard when I saw that too freaking funny. Especially that you ignored it for so long.

  10. the funniest part of this post is not the video or the fact that you thought of Beth..no no
    it is this

    "so just ignored it, thinking maybe it would just go away"

  11. This is HILARIOUS. Definitely laughing with you. I would totally do this and then mourn the loss of the chocolate (because while I might lick it off myself, I don't think I could bring myself to lick it off my pants...especially after wearing them for 2 days.)

    And I can't leave up a post that makes it look like I even REMOTELY have it together for more than a day or so before posting something that makes me look/sound like an idiot.

  12. I love inappropriate laughter. That laughter that gets the preacher in church giving you Satan's blessing through his eyes because even at 36 years old, you find the word "breast" in a hymn to be absolutely HILARRRRRIOUS.

    OMG-that chocolate shit just takes the cake. Too good!!!!!!!

    Kick the can and paper dolls-bahahaha!!

    OK-off to vote for Catey!

  13. Um, I'm kind glad you changed your pants before I saw you today (and kinda not). :-) Good to see you!

    Here's the video I was telling you about:


  14. I've had the chocolate thing happen before but usually on the outside of the pants and oh it is so embarrassing. You are so sweet to post to vote for Catey. She is the real deal! I love watching her with her family (especially her little Sam) and she is amazing to watch running.


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