29 September 2011

When bad naps happen to good people...

I am not a napper.

Sleeping when it's light out and there are things do, places to go, people to see just goes against my grain. Sure, I may loll about doing nothing, going nowhere, seeing no one during my day, but I would rather be awake just in case.

Today I napped.

What a disaster.

My husband is out of town through the weekend. Yes, that guy does go away a lot. And little Miss C is in preschool today while all the older kids are in regular school. My plan was to use this opportunity to run during the day.... oooooo.... and on terrain that is similar to my upcoming race in Long Beach, California. I was to run for around an hour on a flat, straight road.

This morning, I got home from school drop-offs after performing lice duty and busied myself with busywork of no real consequence. Then I decided to get ready to run. It was a little before noon.

I saw this...

I thought..."hmmmm... I should change the sheets and make the bed." So of course I lay down on top of the comforters and pillows... I don't know... so I could see if they were really dirty? 

I closed my eyes and thought... "hmmmmm... this is nice..." I glanced at one of the two clocks and told myself, "Just 5 minutes."

Fifteen minutes later, at 12:10, I looked at the clock again and said to myself, "Ooooo... I should probably get going if I'm going to fit in a run and lunch and a shower before I go get those kids." And I relaxed back into the pile of softness... that wasn't too smelly.

At five minutes before 1 o'clock, I looked at the clock again. "Wow," I thought. "I really should get going!" 

I rolled over. And next thing I knew...

Ummmm... yeah!

And they both said 2:20... so I know it wasn't some weird time warp deal.

My whole day, spent lying on top of a wad of comforters and pillows. I do not feel relaxed and/or rested. I didn't do my run. I need to race off to pick up my kids to take them to soccer and swimming and listen to the oldest one complain about how he has to be dragged around to all of this when he really has wayyyyyyyyy more important things to do. 


I hate naps.


And hey, if you want to check out what kind of food I eat, go see Jason at Cook Train Eat Race. I am probably the only athlete to admit dining at In N Out Burger :P


  1. I love naps, but like eating too much , they only feel good while you're doing it. Then you're left with that nasty nap hangover and the knowledge that you could've accomplished something while you were sleeping. And you swear off naps. Until the next time.

  2. There is no such thing as a "bad nap". Your body took what it needed. Hang in there.

  3. Yep, I hate naps, too. Ten-minute power naps are OK if I'm really, really tired (they got me through a semester of college when I had a 7 a.m. class -- 10 minutes at 10 a.m.). Anything longer than that, and I become Super Grumpy Grump Extraordinaire. But hey, maybe your body fought off an illness along the way. You never know.

  4. I hate naps ... screws up a day entirely. I don't think I have napped since my first child was born (and I couldn't get to sleep that night I am sure)

  5. I can't nap. My brain never wants to shut off...

    mmm, In n Out! It's a good thing the closest one is in Redding, CA as I'd go far more often than once every 5 or so years. And, yes, we have done a road trip in the past with it being our sole destination.

  6. oh I'm not a napper either - they never leave me feeling rested, usually, like you, I feel more rushed, more stressed afterwards because of all I didn't get done during the nap!


  7. I canNOT nap. It always makes me feel gross and groggy afterwards.

    One time - one time only - I napped after a 10 mile run, and woke up feeling refreshed. I believe it was an anomaly, and refuse to do it again.

  8. And stop sending me additional excuses by email.

  9. Uggg, I cannot nap either. They did a study that says that a lot of people suffer from nap hangovers. Too much sleep that can wear you out even more. I am in such a funk right now. Napped for an hour and am dying feeling like I cannot wake up my brain. Sheesh. Not worth it!

  10. I never nap. In fact, I get by on very little sleep. I sleep an average of 4.5 hours per night. I do sleep 6 hours sometimes but not very often.

  11. I used to love naps before kids...now I just feel unrested and like I didn't get anything done!

  12. Naps are good but need to be limited to 30 minutes or less otherwise they are called sleep.

    Thank you for being the featured athlete and so far you are the only one to point out that you ate at In N Out Burger one day.

    Let's see what others do now that you have set the trend to showcase exactly what you ate and not eat the cleanest on that day and then fall back to bad habits.

  13. I'm not a good napper either. I think your body really needed the rest. Have a great day!

  14. haha, I am the exact same way. Even when naps feel so good, I'm just an awful napper. I feel guilty and stressed after taking one, just thinking about all the things I could have (should have!) done while I was sleeping. ...which I know is dumb, because sometimes it's exactly what your body needs. Clearly your needed it yesterday.

    Hope you were able to get some things done the rest of the day!

  15. I agree with Jason, anything over 30 mins usually is disaster for me

  16. I hate naps too - I always wake up feeling more tired than when I laid down!

  17. Wow. All these nap haters. You guys should drink more then you'll be all like oooh a nap and you and naps will be best friends.

  18. I used to rely on naps in college, but for some reason my work doesn't appreciate me snoozing! Going to vote!!


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