04 September 2011

Big G... my fellow 'rabbit'

Big G is the guy who made me a mommy.


and then...

Today he celebrated his birthday.

He told me at the end of the day that he felt like Eeyore... the depressed donkey from Winnie-the-Pooh.

"No presents... no cake... some birthday..."

Well, he did have a couple of presents. And he did have a little party (his two best buddies came to sleep over and go swimming twice). There was no cake but instead chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with the edges rolled in mini chocolate chips. And there was coffee cake for breakfast. And singing.

I think his sadness is further compounded by the fact that it has taken the Tooth Fairy four days to find our house... and he keeps putting that tooth under the pillow... waiting... hoping...

He was born in the Year of the Rabbit according to Chinese astrological charts, as was I. We are very much alike. There are upsides to this and not-so-upsides to this :P I am not entirely sure about what it means to be a rabbit, and it's too late and I am too lazy tired to look it up for you right now. But I think being really smart must come into the description somewhere ;-) and probably something about being a little insecure...

this is a real MRI of Big G's brain...

I haven't always sucked at birthday preparations...

Back when Big G turned 10, he was picked up from school in a limo with a bunch of his friends. None of them knew this would be happening. It was a huge surprise and they all LOVED it!

He's a natural in that thing.

See how excited they all were?

Before he was a cool limo rider, he was just a regular kid who went on field trips to the local shipping port...
7 years old

But when he was 6 years old, he had many identities...

Yes, all from the same year... the Year of the Costume... don't think that one is covered in Chinese astrology ;-)

He has always been a lover of nature...
dolphins are nature and so are rocks... so a dolphin carved in stone is nature, right?
though this one might be molded concrete... hmmmm....
4 years old

And a world-traveler...

Berner Oberland

Lago di Como

3 years old

But no matter how old he is, what he is disguised as, or where in the world he roams...

He will always be my baby.


(If you're looking for my Hood to Coast Relay recaps, check the tabbed page or click here).


  1. Oh!!! I love that! You made me get all teary. I have two boys (ages 7 months and almost 5 years old) and reading this was just so precious. Your pictures are wonderful! Happy birthday to your baby!

  2. What a beautiful post!! Happy Birthday to the both of you! He is gorgeous and definetly looks like your son! The pictures are just great! My youngest is 6 now and loves to be Buzz Lightyear and Batman too, I love that age!! Hope you all enjoy the day!!!

  3. that was beautiful! OH and BTW that tooth fairy seems to have trb finding my house and usually the tooth as well!!

  4. Aw, Happy Birthday to your son!! He is such a cutie!! I love all of those pictures :)

  5. If he's like you, he must be pretty special. What a sweet post for your baby (and us lurky types).

  6. Awww Happy birthday to your son!! :-)

    Hi there, I am a new follower from the Sundae hop! Love your site!

    Please follow me back and like me on FB while you are there!



  7. I've got this. The mini nuclear reactor is in the mail, though the "1-2-3 Fun With Nanobots Creative Playset" is on back order. Hopefully it will be back in stock by the holidays. Or he could just make his own with some microscopic titanium flakes, a role of duct tape and a can of Sterno.

  8. Oh, Marjorie. You've made me tear up here. Beautiful tribute to your sweet boy. I agree with Katy, he is so gorgeous. You're a great mom. Happy Day to both of you!

  9. Oh, those eyes! What a cutie. We also had a year of the costume...now the boy's closet is half full of them bc of my husband's thrift store habit. :P

    My oldest is much like me as well, and there are times that realizing that doesn't make me like him any better. :P Why did he get my annoying traits...OK, OK, he got good ones from me, too, but it's the annoying ones that, you know, annoy me.

    And it's a known fact that, with all the bad stuff going on in the economy, the tooth fairy department (TFD) has had some significant cutbacks. Fewer fairies trying to do the same amount of work...inevitably, some people are going to have a longer wait time than in the past. The TFD encourages you to be patient and understanding and know that they're doing the best that they can. :)

  10. This post made me fall even deeper in love with you. First, I never realized how much he looks like you! Adorable. I love it when you get all tender on us. :-) You are such an awesome mom. That boy is one lucky kid.

  11. oh my he is HANDSOME. what a proud mom you must be, he seems like the sweetest. poor little eeyore boy, hehe

  12. He is a handsome lad. You done good!

  13. Happy Birthday, Big G!

    My two oldest sons would LOVE to play with the boy from the year of the costume :) I bet they'd still like him just as much, now that he's so mature :)

  14. Happy birthday G! He is adorable...those eyes!!

  15. Oh, happy birthday to G -- tell him to hang in there regarding the tooth fairy. Must be a bay area thing but she was terrible down here too -- would go days and on occasion had to drop by in the day while my daughter was in school. Poor overworked tooth fairy. :)

  16. Happy bday to the G!

    That is a great idea on picking them up from school in a limo! That pic of them by the water is hilarious. Is it bad that the clothes I wear now are pretty much just like they are wearing in that pic? The extreme awesomeness shirt is indeed awesome, haha


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