28 September 2011

Celebratory Music... or something like that.

All of the great comments I've gotten on this and simply the act of getting it out of myself so I could see it really helped me get centered and feel solid. Thanks, everyone!

I ran last night. It was hot, as in temperature hot. For the first time in 19 years, I ran in just my sports bra...my killer Moving Comfort Juno, of course. It was awesome :) It was also dark and no one was around to witness the event...both huge contributing factors to the awesomeness :P Seeing my shadow on the street, two words jumped out at me: Core. Work.

I haven't really been keeping up with my music-sharing. I have 'interesting' preferences that are all over the map. Some of my readers have expressed vexation that I was wasting valuable bytes with my mess... or wasting their time with it, but last night a song came on while I was running and it made me think of how awesome it is that I can run. It reminded me of what Dorothy over at Mile-Posts said... "Running is a gift. We don't have to run; we get to run!"

So today you get my musical choice. Of course, you don't have to listen if you don't want to! This video cracked me up... and when I read about it, it cracked me up even more. But the song got me into a great groove last night with fantastic focus and self-belief. Go, me! And thanks, Fatboy :)

My hip has given me bad times and good.

We're in a 'good' phase right now... and I want to praise that.

Take nothing for granted. Nothing.


  1. I'm a fan of new music. I'll keep reading for suggestions! :)

  2. There was a point in the early to mid '90's when Praise You came out that music was at it's last best. Shall we go deeper with Fatboy Slim? Unfortunately this video isn't all puppies and unicorns but the song is tremendous.


  3. I loved your previous post (and the video too) - I am always the one who holds me back the most...

    Haven't heard that fatboy slim song in a long time - adding it to my playlist...thanks!

  4. Go you!! Can you believe my husband had never heard that song?!

  5. I have had that song on my iPod for some time now, I love it!!

  6. So, I read "this" the other day and I'm not a terribly sentimental person but that was truly an awesome post and I found it SO inspiring to me at this point. You are truly an inspiring woman!

    So glad you're in a "good" phase! Yes, PRAISE that!! Have a great day:)

  7. Love this song. Came on the radio the other day and husband and I jammed out singing into our fake microphones.

  8. awesome song, thanks for reminding me of it! i already have it downloaded but not on my running play list - must add now!
    you are so right - running is a gift and we are so lucky we CAN do it. thanks for all the inspiration!!

  9. Ha! Love that video. That's super funny and gave me a good laugh!

  10. ha! Thanks for the flashback video!

    I love that quote from Dorothy - running is indeed a gift!

  11. By the 90's, I pretty much listened to country music so I had never heard this song. But country doesn't tend to be fast enough to walk/run to so my current playlists are eclectic mixes of whatever.

  12. Yeah, that's a good one, but then again Spike Jonze is a genius. If you're open to Fatboy Slim video submittals, I'd have to add this one:
    Hilarious and cute.

  13. I was just eating a popsicle while I watched the video.... fancy that!!

  14. Dance, girlfriieennndd! :)
    Way to bring back FB Slim.


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