26 September 2011


Where is she?

Ever since I actually lost her over the summer, when Miss C disappears from view I get a little freaked.

It used to be she would just be in the bathroom cupboard... if you missed that post, which you probably did because it was written about a year ago when I first started this blog and had 10 followers, then click this. It is super cute. I promise.

Now she has graduated...

I seriously have no idea how she closes the doors without pinching her fingers. And when I open up the cabinet, she yells at me...


In a large family, I guess she needs to find her privacy somehow.


If this was annoying and boring to you and you really want to know about my running...

here is my long run from yesterday, with discourse on ice baths.

here is my 5K PR last week.

here is a link to the Nuun Hood to Coast video. It's awesome and I am surprisingly in it.

here is my sports bra review with demonstration video... the Moving Comfort Juno bra is awesome!


  1. she just needs her alone time! So funny!

  2. This is an easy fix. Get a flat screen and stick it in there so she can't fit. And with a picture that is 38% better than a conventional tube, who'd want to hide? Sorted.

  3. She is adorable. I lost my oldest for a while when she was two. Somehow she had scaled our bedroom closet and was just hanging out with a book on the shelf behind some sweaters. Crazy kids.

  4. I have a very small family but often want to find a hiding place too. Your little one just gave me some ideas. :-)


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