09 September 2011

All the things this blog's been missing...

...are back.

Up until about six weeks ago, we had a couple of regulars going on here at Taking It On. They gave things a little structure... or something. In any event, once my husband left me, they kind of went by the wayside. And after that... well... then I had the big thing that I am trying not to mention for the rest of the week because I have been told I need to let go. (what I want to know is... how do you "let go" of one of the coolest, funnest, most amazing things of your life? anyone?)

So today we are returning to routine... we are grabbing those three regulars and wallowing in the 80's... Doing it up BIG time... you can tell by the beer and the big hair...

...shrouded in mystery...

Granny's Gadget #29 (it's been so long, I had to research which number we were on and it wasn't easy!)

I used one of these a LOT in the 80's.
I don't think twist-tops existed back then.
Does anyone remember?

Vecchio Venerdi

I didn't spend a ton of time this slack-jawed, but I did frequently have a beer in my hand.
Note the Farrah hair... classic early 1980's.


And I might need to apologize... but I had to put this on here.
Such a classic 1980's music video... the tight jeans and the butt shaking...
and what the heck is that weird pearl necklace, one-sided epaulet thing?

Who remembers the 80's? Anyone else old enough? 

What is your favorite memory from way back then?


Additionally, I need to give a huge shout out to The Blonde Ponytail and Tall Mom on the Run... two of my Team Nuun mates... Jess and I both served in Nuun Platuun and Mel and I were roomies the night before the main event... that I am on hiatus from mentioning. Jess isn't going for a specific time as this is her first 10K, but she has sworn to achieve swagina.

These two awesome women are running in the Athleta IronGirl 5K/10K this weekend in Seattle! Go, friends! Go! I am so envious... I'll bet they'll even get a chance to meet up with some of the awesome Nuun people.

Anyone else racing this weekend? I am not... I will be running a memorial 11 on 9/11/11 with some other friends... Cupcake and Co.

I hope this weekend is beautifully memorable for everyone :)


  1. LOVE the hair! Loved George Michael. The 80s were MY time, baby!

    I lost audio on your video when the cinematographer started shaking his head in disagreement :-(
    I'll try again...maybe. I'm pretty sure that is the ONE kitchen gadget I actually know how to use!

  2. I am old enough and I loved the 80's. I have to be honest I love the clothing and the music. Oh the memories.

  3. Grr..I couldn't get the audio to the end of the gadget video either. My stepmom used to call that a "church key". I still have one hanging on my fridge. LOL Santa brought my kids some classic glass coke bottles for their stockings (an odd wish list item for them) and they have to be opened with one. Remember when most soda bottles were like that? Long skinny 16 oz'ers? :) Church keys are also great for opening tomato juice and pouring it by venting the other side. Have to use the pointy side for that!

    I was a child of the 80's (couldn't drink beer in the 80's, but did have a couple of wine coolers towards the very end - not legally though - remember Bartles and James old guys? although I think my first ones were Matilda Bay!). LOVE the music. The GM video totally flashed me back to my room with my first boyfriend - oops - this isn't an R rated blog! LOL My husband has Sirius satellite radio and the whole family loves 80's on 8 station! Now my kids are growing up on the same songs I loved! Hilarious that my 10 year old son's current fave song is "Eye of the Tiger"! I had permed hair, but never had the texture for Farrah bangs.

    Enjoyed all of our HTC miniseries. Although looking forward to the last installment - results!

  4. What a time the 80s were. So carefree not a worry in the world. Of course I was just a kid! :) I do miss the 80s sometimes. Love the Farrah hair, you did it well! I still love to listen to 80s music.

  5. I loved that song. I was in high school during the last couple 80's. Good times.

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to talk nonstop about...whatever it was :). (and I still need to go back and read the last few...I couldn't keep up with everything getting posted by everybody). A couple years ago I did a weeklong 240 mile bike trip across Missouri. It was the first time in, oh my gosh, forever, that if put myself out there to do something I wasn't sure I could do. It was a wonderful week, one of the peak experiences of my adult life, and I couldn't stop talking about it. Even now, 2 years later, my kids still talk about how much I talked about it. :) So you revel in your experience. I'll read those posts as ling as you're writing them. (well, eventually :D)

  6. Ah yes, when he was pretending to be straight! And the 2 day growth stubble look. Classic! heheh. I have a couple of those "granny gadgets" in my kitchen. They were the best when they had a magnet on them so they stayed on the fridge! I remember the 80's. I was old enough, mostly.

  7. I am plenty old enough to remember those 80's -- I listen to the 80's station on satalite radio all the time. I've also been waiting for some of the good John Hughes movies to come on Netflix streaming so I can show my daughter! The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink...love.

  8. Tomorrow yes running a race for 9-11
    it is not for the time, it is for a charity in memory of 1 brave fireman who ran towards to the towers..I am sure I said that before...anyway I am doing that tomorrow. and I will cry. I just cannot see images still. I am mad at that day.

    The 80s...you know I am old enough!!! Love the George...yes I do. 80s is high School for me. Great and really bad memories!!! Music...Bryan Adams...I still love him. And The Breakfast Club! come on now!

  9. Yes! I am all about the 80s! You need to get over Nuun, I need to get over the 80s (ok, not really).

    Have a great 11 today.


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