31 August 2011

{First 11 Legs} 2011 Hood to Coast Relay – Nuun-style: The Miniseries, Part 2

**Warning: there are tons and tons and tons of pictures in this post**
I am hoping to show those who haven't ever done this to see what it's about...
runners and NON-runners alike.

So after we finished snagging all that Nuun and eating pizza (which I couldn't eat because I am gluten-free... which comes into play in a later episode of this epic saga) and meeting all the cool Nuun people for the first time all in the super cool Nuun office (love that office... not just the ultracool filter seat-thing, but also the old building, the open layout, the really cold water in the water fountain...the whole package), Captains Cupcake and Underpants and I decided to hit up the ice cream parlor downstairs...
Molly Moon's
loved the logo, wanted the t-shirt,  but $22 was a little steep :P

check out the flavors...
tomato basil sorbet?!  I got vanilla :P

As we were waiting in line, I did something that became my signature move for this trip...
I had already done it earlier in the day down at the Public Market...
I had my full Nuun bottle tucked under my arm...

top open – of course!
Seriously, I did this at least a dozen times in two days.
But I did clean up after myself :) And the ice cream was very good.

I am so glad Cupcake got these pictures demonstrating my domestic skills so that my husband can see that I do, in fact, know how to clean a floor.

We went back to the hotel after this and got ready for bed. I was rooming with Cupcake, Dorothy from Mile-Posts and Mel – Tall Mom on the Run. We were put together in an effort to mix things up... vans, teams, height, regionality... They gave me grief for whipping out the laptop as well as for my bodybag-sized duffel (in my defense, it did have my sleeping bag and my pillow in it as well as all my clothes and shoes and gear). So I got revenge for the grief-giving...
I call this one...
Braless Bloggers in Bed :)
yes, I know you can't tell...you'll have to take my word for it...
and yes, they know I planned to put the pic in my blog.

We went to sleep. Dorothy and Cupcake had to get up too early... they were Van 1 runners... Cupcake on Nuun Platuun and Dorothy on AfterNuun Delight. Move-out time for them... 0545. Scary. You'll have to check their blogs for the early morning move-out pics.

Tall Mom and I got to sleep in until a leisurely 0730 to make our 0830 departure. Packed up and off we went... she in her AfterNuun Delight Van 2 and I in my Nuun Platuun Van 2...

this was the set-up for the next 30+ hours...
we pretty much kept these positions for the duration.

My view toward the front... I don't get carsick... and I liked sitting with all the stuff :)

My view out the side... I kept my feet up A LOT throughout the journey.

About the same time this super sweet lady made a u-turn...

to take this picture of us with Mt. Hood in the distance...
left to right: Casey, me, Love, Chafe, StyleNightingale, Phoenix

Nuun Platuun Van 1 and...

AfterNuun Delight Van 1 were at Timberline... the start!

Major Miles and General Confusion got to meet Bob from Dead Jocks in a Box...
I am so jealous they got such great pictures with him.

Everyone in the wave (including the white speedo guy) lined up for the 12:30 start...

Here's Major Miles screeeeeeming down the road somewhere in Leg 1.

She handed off to Capt. Cupcake part way down...

who held a blistering pace for the entirety of her leg before...

passing off to Cap'n Crunch.

This girl is the most free-spirited runner! She is young and just goes... happily...joyously.
Just doing her thing :)

Leg 4 was handled by Captain Obvious (left) who is being cooled down (it was a bazillion degrees) by Cupcake in this shot.

Capt. Obvious handed off to Capt. Underpants who ran in her underwear and crushed Leg 5.

Gen. Confusion looked like a superstar in the heat and sun... making it look easy and attractive.
How does she do that?

While all that was going on with Van 1... all that running down the sheer face of the mountain... all that running on steaming hot, nearly bubbling asphalt... Van 2 was at Quiznos eating lunch. Well, some of us were eating... poor Lt. Love was losing hers :(

left to right: Nightingale, Style, me, Casey, Chafe

We had our first Nuun 'conversion' as we were leaving!

And we were off the the Sandy Safeway to spread more Nuun love :)

Guys like it when cute girls talk to them and give them things for free.

Sgt. Style is very persuasive and engaging...
just look at that smile :)

Four girls and a guy... he's loving Nuun right about now ;-)

Cap'n Crunch was easy... but the Chef... man, he was not wanting to do anything.
We are really nice though, so finally he agreed to put his costume on and pose for the picture.

"Will I look as tough as Sgt. Style if I wear a Nuun tattoo?"
you betcha ;-)

This woman was hands down the sweetest, most receptive and responsive and delightful person in the parking lot. I hope she sees that she is getting recognition for her sunny disposition!

Ira (the owner of the butt) was very concerned about the tattoo. But he let us put it on anyway...
cuz we're cute and nice :)

Then the team posed with their spewing rubber ass.
So awesome.

We met Jenny Penny Sue who writes a blog...

This guy was soooooo funny...
"Do you know Converse? Take a picture of Nuun + Converse."

Amanda@Runninghood and her hot hubby were there...
seeing them was a "bright spot" in my HTC experience ;-)
(they were running for Bright Spots)

Gettin' gnarly with the Nuun...

Chillaxin' in the fumes...

Speedo Wars: Revenge of the Crack...
winning the Overshare Costume contest!

Team Ironmullet ... so freakin' hot... don't know how they could stand running with all that hair!

Speaking of costumes... I finally busted out the nun dress...
and met Linda the Photographer from Linda's Lens...

and the Dead Jocks!
total thrill

I got a great pic of the Baby Loaf Bus! sooooo cute!

Somewhere around then, the Van 1's showed up... this Safeway in Sandy, OR is the first major van exchange... the first six legs are done at this point and things are handed over to Van 2.
It was so great to get to see these ladies and hear some of the stories of the early going.

And I got a picture with my AfterNuun counterpart...
The two 12's running for Nuun :)

Here's a shot of the nuts scene at the hand-off point.

These guys DO have shorts on under their kilts. They lied to me. But I found out the truth.
I always do.

The Handful Bra Ladies were waiting for their next runner, too.
And sporting Nuun tattoos.

Waiting in the hot, hot late afternoon sun... it was about 5 p.m...
here came General Confusion for the hand-off to Pvt. Chafe!
Van 2's turn finally!

The Blonde Ponytail AKA Private Chafe rocked the heat during Leg 7.

Here she is in motion!
In her Moving Comfort Juno sportsbra... can you say 'swoobs'? 
(translation: sweaty boobs)

Julie from Adventure is Out There and her beautiful daughter had made a cheer sign!

During her stint on Leg 8, Capt. Phoenix (our totally butt-kickin' Nuun staffer) got some sprinkler love from residents along the way :)

Here she is handing off to Nightingale... our van's speed-demon who destroyed Leg 9!

You'd think things might cool down noticeably as darkness fell...
but you can tell by Lt. Love's face and sweatiness that was not the case.
Here she had just passed the slappy strap off to Sgt. Style...

 who was able to make a headlamp look hot!
Maybe because it was hot... but she looks pretty badass in that thing.
Right here, she is crossing the street to where I am waiting for her.


The whole day I had been waiting for this moment.

And here it was...


  1. Ooooh, good cliffhanger, Dan Brown!

    I love you. No really. I do. You guys look like you had so much fun during your wait time. I think I just ate & tried to sleep. And the nun outfit!! I never got to see it, but that is HILARIOUS!

    Ok, let's have a date soon, my West Coast mom. :) I miss you.


  2. awesome recap..so far! It is very interesting ~ especially for a runner like me who will probably never get to run it. Thanks for letting me run vicariously through you! =)

  3. The braless in bed shot...love it! So real. And good job with those floor cleaning skills girls. Ha! You got our friend Kevin in this post...he is the guy with his muscle flexing with the nuun tat under us. :) We have always been on his HTC team in the past...he is AWESOME!!! He didn't get a team this year so he was on another team. How is life back home girl?

  4. Loving all the pics! What an epic weekend.

  5. LOVE the photos! Thanks for the great re-cap!

  6. accccckkkkkkk...cliffhanger! I saw your note on FB that this post was coming up and I sat through a dark movie theater wondering if I should pull out my phone for the update, but decided to wait until I got home to savor the post...and then you cliffhangered us ;p

  7. Love this. I hope that tomorrow's post has some swagina in it.

    Also, half the pizza was gluten free ...

  8. I like the cliffhanger too! mmmmmm icecream.

    And yeah...I did kinda run in my underpants haha.

  9. It looks like such a wonderful, exciting, happy time!! I never correlate running with happiness, but you almost persuaded me! :) Can't wait to hear the end--great cliffhanger!

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  10. Ah!! Another detailed post!! You took so many fabulous pictures!! Thanks for the video...that was in slow motion right...oh wait, I was slow!! ha!

    Your humor and point of views alwasy crack me up! Love you COMMANDO!!!

  11. Great Post!! Love it!! I never saw that van with the butt....that is amazing!!!

  12. WHAT???? I read all the words all the caps on all the pics and this is how you end it...??????????

    I want to know about YOUR run!
    ok ok
    I will be back!
    of course!!!!

  13. Love all the photos in this post!! And love the cliff hanger! Off to read the next one! :)

  14. Great great post!!!!!! Such a wild and amazing experience for you all!! Would you mind emailing me that picture of harmony an I at the end of her leg? I was the rome that ran with her an I would love to have that pic!! Thx!! Nicolewag@gmail.com

  15. Stopping and following with Happiness is HOP.... never was much of a runner but if I could have as much fun as ya'll here I might just start!!! =)

  16. Thanx for featuring our "nun" photo and the blog shout-out! Nice to meet you in Sandy. I'm enjoying reading your "miniseries." You really can't describe the full H2C experience in just one blog post!


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