18 August 2011

Major Mommy Meltdown...

Maybe that should be my Nuun Platuun code name instead of Commando?

There was a lot that led up to my mommy meltdown... I am not usually such a crybaby.

  • My husband left me.... for 11 days... alone with 4 kids...
  • all those monkey-wrenches...
  • too much going on since the husband returned, and he is jetlagged and not so... ummm... available :P (don't kill me, honey)
  • the flood
  • the blood
Our toilets are notoriously horrible. They are super sucky low-flow toilets. SUPER sucky. I have written about them a few times already... here is one such time, and there are links in that post to the other times.

Baby X announced... 
but failed to notice that the bowl runnethed over...

I was tired. 
It had been a long day. 
I was needing to lie down and get dinner started at the same time...
and I needed to go to the bathroom myself.

I threw the towels down, closed the stopper in the tank (the culprit), stepped in the nasty piss water and went to the other bathroom for my biz.

When I came downstairs, I noticed that the water on the bathroom floor was not as plentiful.
because it leaked under the wall and into the garage and in all the crap in there!

Whew... thought I was going to have to mop up a ton of water off the bathroom floor :P

So I went into the garage to clean the piss water up off the floor in there... 
and try to salvage whatever had been soaked in that piss water.

Note: tower of clear plastic tubs w/ white lids sitting in puddle of piss water...

I schlepped those boxes over to the other side of the bikes so that I could mop up...
and dragged one of those puppies across my bare toe.

It hurt so much.

I was bleeding.


Blood drops.

I cried.

My husband got me a regular bandaid.

No sparkles.

Major Mommy Meltdown.

Best cure for mommy meltdown?

Do a brick...

even if it's just a small one :)

At 9 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time... I headed out. I rode that bike for 23 minutes and then ran for 30 minutes. I saw two people! One of them called out,

You go, girl!

Changed my whole night!

What is it Emily says... 

Seriously, it helps.


  1. You are a super heroine! (Not to be confused with super heroin.)

  2. Piss water - sorry I just have to laugh - we have a crappy toilet downstairs - and of course when we have a certain male friend of my husband's come over - he ALWAYS dumps and it ALWAYS overflows... it's just wrong... last time he was over I handed him a mop and a bottle of Pinesol.... he did not think it was too funny... but neither is cleaning up is poopy water... ha
    I've Become My Mother
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  3. Oh my! My heart is going out to you! Way to go on the brick.. I prb would have had a drink!!!!!

  4. Ugh! And here I thought I had it bad because the 5 year old tantrumed for over an hour about wanting a bird as a pet...

    I need a run. ;o)

  5. I'll remember the brick idea next time I melt down!

  6. Oh I hate those kinds of days and not even a fun band aid? WTH? I had a day like that yesterday and then my daughter dropped an egg all over the floor while we were making an apple cake and I sat down and cried. She didn't get it. Sigh It was just the icing on the cake, no pun intended.

  7. I'm sorry you had a bad day. Perhaps two weeks from now you will find yourself hanging on the beach at Seaside laughing about the sore toe.

  8. You are the best mother ever! I loved reading this - way to go for finding SOMETHING to bring the day to a happy ending for you!!! That takes serious mental strength!!

  9. Yep...you are awesome on a bad day.
    I am so with you...the sweat helps... a lot.

  10. Aw, man...at least you salvaged the day a little. But nasty water all over your stuff in the garage...boo. Yea for plastic tubs, I guess, though mine probably would've been cracked and let the water in to fester. :P

  11. Seriously girl you rock! You did a brick when I would have wanted to throw a brick!!! Can't think of a better way to end a meltdown!

  12. Oh my....that is my worst nightmare....I am so sorry! hopefully today was a little bit better. believe me I get the 4 kids by yourself for a couple of weeks. i feel your pain!

  13. Ooh, hate piss water toilet clogs. SOrry about your toe, and yes, sweat once a day...great motto!

  14. Blood and pee infused water. Not sure what to say, actually. F'ing hell.

  15. That sleep deprived relay you're doing next weekend is going to seem like the Ritz Carlton after this ordeal!!!

  16. Blood, sweat and pee. Ugh! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  17. haha. You are awesome. Why are toilets not better designed? I feel it's the household piece of equipment that is always going wrong...which is...sorta gross :)

  18. No fun! boo!! Sorry...hope tomorrow is a great day!

  19. Oh no, what a crappy day. I shuddered at the blood...you must have really cut yourself to bleed that much from your toe. Ugh... Sorry!

  20. need to lay down after reading all that!
    bet the brick helped?


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