05 August 2011

Astronauts for a Day... or I Don't Think My Kids Have The Right Stuff

Using some music to set the mood for Thursday's outing...

The Chabot Space and Science Center!

it was a foggy, summer day...
but spirits were high!

We went out for the day,
the big kids and I.

No sun meant the sundial didn't really work...

And something about Mars made Big G kind of smirk.

The black hole was dark; the kaleidescope was neat...

But the main exhibit could not be beat!
How cool would it be to hang out up in space?

Exercising to maintain muscle mass puts a smile on her face.

Tubes of deliciousness...
pork dinner ... borscht, too!

And when you're all done...
a space-place to go poo!

It's hard working in space...

'Cuz you're floating around.

But crammed three in this capsule 
is how you drop to the ground.

 We saw...
The moonwalk suit!

Cooling-tube underwear!

And a lunar landing video game that led to someone pulling hair :(

A giant step in the moonboot prints...

This capsule was the BOMB.

Everyone got a turn...

Except for mom :(

The kids had such fun that I didn't mind...
but the fighting ...
the fighting ... 
I wished they'd left that behind.

And as I dreamed of a place where my kids wouldn't bicker,
I saw this sign
and it made me snicker.

From that moment on, I just needed to know...
My big question was, where did that dog 'go'?

Then I read the small print... the poor pooch never came back. They aren't sure if he died early on in the mission or if he lasted a week. Someone call PETA.


  1. Poor pup! Your kids are so cute and the day looked like a great memory maker.

  2. Looks like a great visit! I'll have to wait until D is a bit older to make the trek worthwhile...

  3. Dork it up! Love it. I've seen Apollo 13 like 10 times and always carry a roll of duct tape, a square box and a vacuum cleaner hose wherever I go.

    And I still I wish I had my notebooks from 3rd grade as they would contain priceless and quite detailed plans for the intergalactic space cruiser I was going to build with sheet rock and plastic.

  4. How cool! I've never been there but it looks similar to the exploratorium in SF which I LOVED!!! Glad you and the kids had fun

  5. That's sad about the dog! PETA would never allow that to happen today. I love going to science museums, we don't have any decent one's near us though.

  6. Nice poem... although it had too many sad faces for such a good time. :D Poor puppy.

  7. I called PETA they are on it.

    this looks like a place my kids would LOVE

  8. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a terrific family day... Did you pay a visit to Bill Nye's Climate Lab? If not, definitely come back and see us again some time!


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