16 August 2011

Night-Workout Safety... and Hood to Coast DVD winner!

Some readers have expressed concern over my late-night wanderings, as I usually head out for my run or ride after my kids are in bed.

Fear not, kind readers.

The most important "safe" thing I do is stay inside The Gate. Our development has a gate and street lights and seems uninhabited... most of the time. If I were to get jumped, which is highly unlikely, I would scream, and one of the non-existent neighbors would invariably pop out to see what was ruining the tranquility of the Quiet Zone.

Another way I work to be safe is to greet all two people I might see while out. That way, someone knows I was out, will remember that there was a weird lady out exercising in the dark and she said "hello"... that's a lot to be able to tell the authorities in the event I am 'stolen'.

Additionally, I wear special clothes when I ride the bike...

super obnoxiously bright, made-in-1989 Nike ACG wind-shirt...
the bright, light pink is very visible and the shiny rip-stop panel reflects the headlights of on-coming cars.

super awesome, also-made-in-1989 Hind (are they still around) cycling shorts...
the reflective butt-stripes are VERY visible to cars trying about to broad-side me or rear-end me.

Also, my ancient running shoes that double as cycling shoes have little reflective spots on them – 
front, back and side.
And my bike has spoke reflectors and a reflector on the front and one on the back.

When I run, I do the meet-and-greet and rely on my reflective shoe-spots.

What I really need is one of those reflective or illuminated product companies to give me some stuff to review for them. Update my stash, so to speak. I see a lot of other runners and cyclists doing reviews for this stuff... but they often are not really working out ALL THE TIME in the dark. Well, maybe Laurie does it a lot, too. Those companies need to put an expert on the task :) 

Do ya hear that, Reflective/illuminated Gear Guys? Do ya?

Like these things... reflective arm sleeves... sound pretty fun to try out! I'd love a set to test for Hood to Coast... 

Okay... enough begging...

But you see that I am playing it safe... so think of me but no need to worry about me :)

On to the contest...

There were a total of 61 entries for the Hood to Coast Movie DVD giveaway. This time I opted to not use a creative random choosing method on this one. Instead, I went to random.org and did the sequence generator thingy, and the first number in the sequence was 22... so the 22nd comment is the winner! And that is...

Miss Teacher from Juice Boxes and Crayolas!

I surely hope you enjoy this movie :)

Shoot me an email (xlmic.tio (at) gmail.com) and let me know where it's going!

And thanks so much to all who played the game... you all gave me some wonderfully fun and inspiring things to think about for that big relay in less than 2 weeks! AAAAaahhhhhhhh!


  1. What legs are you running at Hood To Coast??

  2. 12, 24, 36… bringing it home ;-)

  3. I wear so much reflective gear it isn't funny. I have a headlamp that I wear in the dead of winter.
    all out sexy let me tell you....

  4. i'm not worried you'll be hit or overrun by lunatics, but how do you not trip over the little holes in the pavement and stuff?

  5. the clothing that is one thing but what about lunatics? you know crazxy people who attack nice mother of 144 kids...what about that? My husband freaks out about me leaving at 5 am in DAYLIGHT I can only imagine what he would say about your running/biking schedule!
    pepper spray needs to be added to your fancy clothes!!!

  6. That jacket is awesome!! I also would ♥ a pair of those sleeves. I've been lusting after them for a while now. :)
    Stay bright, shiny & safe.

  7. I am impressed with your night runs. I get nervous when I'm out by myself at night, not because of cars, but whatever other weirdos might be out there. This is probably just because of where I live...though I'm sure I'd be a little paranoid anywhere.

    That being said, I love the night runs during relays! They're so peaceful...and just cool. Plus I feel like I run faster in the dark. It's probably all an illusion, but I'll take it!

  8. Great blog! :)


  9. I want you obnoxiously reflective for H2C!!! I have those Flashbrite Paw Print reflectors for you to place ANYWHERE you want!

  10. OMG i can't believe I won!! i never ever win anything. Emailing you now!

    Your reflective gear is all sorts of awesome. :)

  11. You could also carry a whistle. When I was in the jungles of Indonesia for a few months, all of us team members had to wear them around our wrists. When we heard a shrill whistle, we knew someone was in trouble and needed help.

  12. ooh! I hope someone from Nathan reads this before next week. I would LOVE the entire team to sport those reflective arm sleeves. Jess, I will put those puppy prints on me! I'll put them on my black arm sleeves.

    I need more reflective gear. I don't run at night, but I often start before the sun comes up. I really like those bike shorts. Mine are pure black...not good.

  13. You're passing off to Tricia then?? at the waterfront?? I think I'm going to get to see you!!!


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