04 August 2011

Jury-rigging a Training Plan and Searching for Serenity

What do you do when life throws monkey-wrenches into your plan? How about four monkey-wrenches in 2.5 weeks time?

1About 3 weeks ago, I was rear-ended while driving my kids home from swimming lessons right in down the street from my house. I was still, and the other guy was moving very slowly... he "was just looking in his glove box". Like that's an excuse :P Nonetheless, it was a jolt. It caused back spasms that made my hip hurt in the way it used to hurt. Not good. I couldn't run.

Luckily, I already had an appointment with my way over-booked PT three days later. She worked her ART magic on me and I was able to get in two medium-ish, easy runs before...

2My 9-year old daughter accidentally tripped me while I was walking down a hill carrying my 2-year old. So as to not smash the little one by taking a tumble, I lurched, lunged, twisted... and wrenched my back again :(  It took several days to get another PT appointment.

After 2 PT appointments and a massage all within 4 days, I felt nearly normal. I was 'approved' for running but told to keep 'em short. I got one in Monday and one in Tuesday.  Then...

3My oldest son closed the car door on my foot Wednesday morning. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad... just a little bruising. This was followed by...

4I sliced my baby toe up on the weather-stripping on our front door that evening. A good amount of blood for such a small appendage... and not a single character bandaid in sight. Thank goodness the plain one worked ;-) But it still hurts.

Here I am now, a little worse for the wear, and Hood to Coast just three weeks away! And let's not forget about my half-marathon in the beginning of October... a bit over 9 weeks away. It has been a frustrating and depressing couple of weeks Chez XL.

I need to scrap my original training plan for now. No way could I run 11 miles this weekend.

I was able to get out on the bike several times and not aggravate my back, and the very few runs I was able to do felt pretty darn good... so yay for that :) For now I have instructions to not go over 7-8 miles in a single run before Hood to Coast at the end of this month... but I have been okayed to do more than one run in a single day... provided my hip handles it well.

New goal:

Stay healthy and uninjured.

Find a plastic bubble to live in, 

surrounded by foam peanuts.

New jury-rigged training plan:

 For this new jury-rigged program, I will be relying on :

  • more frequent, shorter runs (some two-a-days) and a little more speed work
  • tossing in several bike rides and 'bricks'
  • adding in more of my favorite P90X routines of x-stretch, Core Synergistics and Plyometrics 
  • probably tossing in some of Tony's arms, chest and back work also after my embarrassing little flexing video the other day. 

It'll be the One-Day-At-A-Time Plan... who knows what disaster might be lurking around the corner :P

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I can do this.

I will do this.

With a smile on my face.


  1. Um yeah, get that bubble right quick, lady!

    About a month before my marathon I hurt my foot and couldn't get in several key runs. I was stressing out about it constantly. In the end, though, you do what you can and rely on what you HAVE done to get you through. Good luck!

  2. Those are a rough couple of weeks! Aren't bad events supposed to come in threes? This should mean your good for awhile now!

    Stay safe!

  3. yikes! you've had some bad luck these days! love the serenity prayer--great attitude for situations like this one!

  4. Plan looks good. You'll totally be fine.

    Is that an eco-friendly bubble and peanuts? Better be...

  5. Awww Marjorie, you've had some big run ins!. :( So sorry. But you have a plan and a will and from what I know about you, you are determined and motivated so go get' em' And yes, build that bubble before you get hurt again!

  6. We were so meant to live next door to each other! I love how you are limited to a 7-8 mile run...geez...I ran 2.5 miles today and I felt like I had ruled the world. My trainer has me doing two 35 minute runs a day, the first: 1 min. sprints alternating with 1 min. moderate speed. Then the evening run, just easy running. Maybe if I wasn't huffing and puffing too much, we could chat as we ran these together...and I could carry/drag you home should you step into a pothole and turn your ankle. xoxoxo I love you. Does that seem odd? Are you scared of me now?

  7. You just got all your bad luck out in one week. Yikes, I am sorry all that happened. But I like you mini revised plan. Heck, it better than most people's full plan! haha

  8. Just found your blog -- loving it!

    Ugh. I've had weeks like that. Being conservative & just aiming to stay healthy is definitely the way to go. I'm sure you'll have a great relay!

  9. Wow! That is crazy that you were hurt so much. I am so sorry! Your story reminds me of my sister, the runner. She has really hurt her knee, it seems, and is really bummed. She wants to run in the half-marathon in the winter SO BADLY. Know any knee tricks?

  10. Wow, my mouth has been hanging open as I read all of that! OUCH!!!! Serenity prayer.. great one!

  11. Wow! You've had some rough things happen to you! Hope you're feeling better soon :)
    P.S. Good call on the bubble and peanuts

  12. Just discovered your blog. I am a runner...(have done two marathons) and I've had plenty of silly injurites too. One time I tripped over the edge of the carpet and broke my pinky toe while trying to get to a crying baby. I could not run for a couple weeks. :( Never done Hood to Coast, but I live in Oregon and would love to do it someday. I've done the Portland Marathon though.

  13. (late blog hopper from ff)

    Thank you for sharing this. I am whining about an Achilles problem. I need to be more flexible about my training schedule and be thankful I don't live in a plastic bubble!

  14. I am so jealous you're running H2C! I can't imagine the excitement of the anticipation of running that race.

    Good luck with your new training plan. Oh, and I'm a big fan of P90X. Love it!

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

  15. oh my goodness...:( And I thought that I had bad luck lately...hope nothing else happens! Good luck with your training!

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