25 August 2011

Team Nuun Women Bloggers Invade Seattle!

It was a beautiful day for an invasion...

Sunny in Seattle...
it isn't always rainy.

Dorothy in the white tank, and next to her is Melody, then Kelly and Carrie...

These guys following them were awfully forward...
the one in the white t-shirt with the long, grey hair was serenading...
so bummed I missed the video op.

Then it was time for lunch...
with Lauren, Nightingale (hiding behind her), Emily (deep in thought), Cupcake and Jocelyn.
Tricia was there, too, but she was standing next to me.

Can you believe they have fruits and vegetables in Seattle?

They even have cheese
Who knew?

There's coffee everywhere...

And dead fish.

And guys who pretend to play the guitar so they can make money to buy weed.
reminded me of Berkeley :)

Not entirely sure about the hula-hoopin' guitar guy...
keep that hoop spinnin'!

Cupcake is such a blogging machine/addict...
the girl snagged my laptop first chance she got.
Can you say "plugged in"?


I took the opportunity before our awesome van-decorating party to put my feet up and chill :)


  1. Wahoo! I love Seattle! Good luck ladies. And I doubt Cupcake touches you in the "plugged in" department. You don't miss a beat! :) We hope to see you...I met our team for the first time...total strangers...our name is Bright Spots...shut it! No laughing! I didn't choose the name. We are just newbies. :) Seriously, shut it Marjorie, I can see your brain working....ha!

  2. How dare you defile me in such a false manner!


  3. I have no idea how you will possibly top the "Need $ For Weed" sign over the course of the rest of the weekend.

    It's quite unfair that the universe conspired to deliver you that much awesomeness before you've even run 10 feet. Bastards.

  4. nice. Seattle = dead fish and coffee. :)

    Why did Nuun have you guys go there and not just to Mt Hood or Portland? O, I am confused...nothing new, though.

  5. How fun! I am jealous. :)
    The hula hooping guitar player is the best street corner guitar player I have ever seen. awesome.

    Can't wait to read about the rest of this adventure!

  6. Have fun! Best of luck to you! I love the pot sign. I am much more apt to give people money who just hold up signs that say things like "help me get drunk!" Anyway, hope you have a blast!

  7. How fun!!! I hope you have a great time!!

  8. have a BLAST!! Say Hi to everyone for me!

  9. I was there! I ate that cheese!!! We probably walked on the same ground. Cool, huh?!?!


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