11 August 2011

We could've been abducted by aliens…

As we drove to camp this morning, traffic was light. We were running late (as usual) so light traffic was good. (That was sort of a stupid thing to say... is light traffic ever not good?) I was in the midst of a new kind of lecture on lateness and preparation... one that is sure to effect change (yes, I am rolling my eyes at my own deluded self)... when suddenly things slowed to a crawl. The agitation level in the car soared to new heights. The lecturing ceased and bickering recommenced. I was about to start yelling...

Then we saw it.

It could've been a UFO...

But it was driving not flying...

A Flying Saucer Car!

Is that not the coolest thing? We all started laughing and smiling and pointing and making guesses as to what it was all about. I handed Big G the doodoo phonecamera, and he did an admirable job!

It appeared to be driven by a humanoid being, but if you saw Invasion of the Body Snatchers you know that doesn't mean anything. And we believe that the dark squares were solar collectors. And it was so small that abduction would only have been possible if they had a shrink-ray...

The kids say there were really cool dials and instruments on the 'dashboard' but weren't able to get a picture. Maybe one of them controlled the shrink-ray but it wasn't working...

Kind of interesting that they were out during rush hour... but maybe that was part of their plan. Either they knew traffic would be super slow (which it wasn't today... oddly) and they could drive without being run over, or they wanted there to be a maximum amount of real humans at their disposal for... ummm... disposal?

In any case, I think we got lucky. Because we were late, we saw a very cool flying saucer car, and we were not abducted by aliens.

Being late sometimes has its upside.


  1. Freaking. Best. Sighting. Ever.


  2. Love the UFO sighting. Can you imagine driving that thing? WHat a riot!

  3. Cool solar car! I had a few friends on the solar car team back in the early 90's (University of Missouri-Columbia College of Engineering). Very cool! Wonder if there was a race near you. Glad it broke up the bickering if even for a few minutes!

  4. Looks like clouds were in the background, that guy is so screwed!

  5. And by Sunday G will have reverse engineered it from the photos you took and in the process made it better.

    That said I have to disagree with EMZ. Though you very well may be the coolest mom ever it's got nothing to do with a chance sighting of a UFO car. For all we know that woman Fat Mom who comments on your blog once in awhile saw a UFO car when she was driving her kids to Sonic Burger today. Thought I should clear that up.

  6. How do you know that you weren't actually abducted they just erased your memory and put you back in time so you didn't miss anything?! :)

  7. My son would lose his little mind if we saw this. I would have had to stalk the poor little UFO until it stopped so my boy could get out and ask the driver a million questions. Haha

  8. um that is freaking awesome. you know, the aliens might be just stalking you until they attack! watch out, girlfriend.

  9. Love it! There were cars like that being created and test ridden (is that a word??) where I went to college.. what a trip to just see one driving down the road! :)

  10. That is the craziest thing! I can't believe that thing is on the roads!! Hahahah.

    Hey, I passed on The Versatile Blogger Award to you, if you want to accept it go here. =) http://camilleta.blogspot.com/2011/08/versatile-blogger-award.html

  11. Its overcasted, that guy is screwed and think of the backup he is going to start, isnt traffic already bad enough there

  12. That's awesome. That would make rush hour more interesting, that's for sure.

  13. Ha ha ha ha!! Loved your post, it made me laugh!

  14. Haha, absolutely love it! Have a good weekend!

  15. So funny. Laughing out loud!

  16. This is awesome!

    I hope you're having a nice week!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  17. Oh, so cool! I want one! Or I want to be abducted in one. Whatever.

  18. Absolutely hilarious! It's always great when things go from tense to memorable and funny. I bet that put you in a great mood for the rest of the day, and that the kids loved it!

    Thanks for sharing your sighting at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  19. I am quite late on reading this and glad I did, as I saw a flying saucer car. I wonder if it would have been if a different post had I been more prompt?


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