27 August 2011

My Hood to Coast Relay Bed

It's 2:53 a.m. and time for THE Blonde Ponytail's middle-of-the-night "booty call"…time for girlfriend to go shake her booty in the freeeeeeeezing cold (what a difference a few hours and 20 miles can make).
Some of Nuun Platuun slept outside, but I was a pansy…errrr… smart, and I slept in the van. I have a super sweet set-up in the waaayyyyyyy back (partly because I usually don't get carsick) with all the big bags (like mine!). I used my bag to make the lumpiest, hardest mattress EVER and then put my folded-in-half-lengthwise sleeping bag on TOP, added in my awesome favorite pillow, and I was tossing and turning in relative luxury :)

So Jess is on her way (0300 hours), the van is rollin rollin rollin, and I think I am gonna try to keep hitting the lumpy hay… but we're heading into the logging roads and the bumpiness and dustiness combined with my bed's lumpiness may make more sleep unlikely…

I'll let you know how that works out ;-)

Commando signing off.
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  1. I would have stayed in the van too!!!!
    Hope yOu are all good and having a great HTC!

  2. Yes, keep the updates coming.

  3. And you are typing all this on your phone?!?! Good thing you run with your feet and not your hands!

  4. you feeling okay girl?? Didn't see you at the beach and the girls said you went back to hotel. Hope you're feeling okay.

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  6. I slept outside with Kim and harmony and it was nice (and cold)! My legs were still asleep when I started to run!!


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