22 August 2011

To Pack or Not to Pack... and other Hood to Coast Prep... including a REALLY bad haircut

It's a-comin'... Hood to Coast Relay... Nuun Platuun... Commando reporting for duty...

Time to get ready...

Earlier today someone asked me when I was flying up... or was I driving? As it was handed to me on a silver platter, I had to reply...

I'm running... 

Being a runner, he found that amusing and said... "ahh... Dean Karnazes-style?"

Yep. It's my warm-up. I leave tonight. Got a new headlamp just for the occasion :D I said. 

I wanted to add that I even made myself a special reflective shirt... reflecting our teams' awesome sponsor, Nuun... because I don't relish the thought of wearing a vest...

Instead I added...

And I cut my hair... myself.

Every so often I get the urge. I have a lot of hair. It's very thick. It gives me headaches. It bobs around when I run, and when it passes the tipping point in length, it is as annoying as all git out and I have to cut it. 

I am not so great at this.

First cutting... 
one side about 3 inches shorter than the other...

Second cutting...
kind of evened out... pretty much...

And in a ponytail... who cares? Who can tell?
Works for me :)

I have lots of great hair-cutting stories, but today is about Hood to Coast Relay prep...

After cutting my hair, I started making my packing piles:

My Race Attire
I prefer to be prepared. 
I am ready for hot and sunny, cold and rainy, wet or dry.
3 pr shorts, 3 tanks, 3 pr socks, 3 running bras,
2 pr capris, 2 short-sleeve tees, 2 long-sleeves tees, 2 pr gloves,
2 pr shoes, a hat, a bandana.

The secondary level of importance...
Pain-relief and personal comfort and hygiene items
The Stick, The Grid, my trusty lacrosse ball, 
ibuprofen, arnica gel, tiger balm liniment, 
sunscreen, aloe gel, chapstick, Body Glide, nail clippers,
some bandaids, pepto-bismol tablets, earplugs, tampons,
glasses and contact stuff, oral hygiene items, facial wipes.

The tertiary level of importance...
Electronics and devices
to stay connected, to stay informed, to entertain, to document...
laptop, camera, iPod, Garmin, watch, cellphone 
(pretend the sunglasses are the cellphone)
and all their chargers and connectors and chips and batteries and cases.

Necessary, yes, but not as much fun to put together...
Van clothing... 
some of which may do double-duty as beach party wear!
yoga pants, fleece tights, fleece sweatpants, shorts
2 tanks, 2 short-sleeve tees, 2 long-sleeve tees,
2 warm fleece tops, a regular sweatshirt,
a knit cap, flipflops, comfy sneakers.

Sleeping Gear
plaid-flannel-lined Boy Scout-type sleeping bag
real, comfy pillow
3 pillowcases

The Pile
what it all looks like lumped together...
from the side...
a bird's-eye view...


Are we thinking I've got too much? Not enough?

Help me out...


  1. you are so prepared! I haven't even started packing yet...oops. I think you have the right amount of stuff...better to be prepared for anything. And I don't think you can tell it's even, looks good!

  2. Don't over-think it. You only need one first-aid kit with Band-aids and such, per van so you may not need to carry all your own stuff. The less you have, the more you can get to what you need. The van becomes total chaos with so much stuff. I think you're good on the clothes. Don't forget food...convenient, easy to get to stuff is best. Either way, your stomach will revolt it all after being up for eternity anyway - hehe. Very excited for you, it's almost here!! :)

  3. You DO have a lot of hair. The ponytail picture cracked me up...my go-to solution for most any hair issue. :)

    You pack like I do. Lots of just in case...but you know whatever you leave out is what you're going to need, right?

  4. OMG you girls are gonna have such a freaking blast! My relay experience is zilch so no advice. I am over the edge pony-wise as well...need. to. cut.

  5. Here are a few things you may want to pack in those suitcases (if you don't think your "carry-ons" will hold enough): laughter, perseverance, strength, encouragement, faith,...

    Have fun!

  6. LOL, my hair is always in a ponytail these days...

    I have zero experience, but you seem to have more than covered the bases.

    Promise you'll come back and tell us what you actually used, m'kay?

    Have fun!!!!

  7. Glad you got the bird's-eye shot. ;)

    Actually, this is quite helpful since I haven't started packing...

  8. I think you're on to something with the hair thing.

    I spend $$ to get my hair cut all nice, and the first thing I do after leaving the salon is put it up in a ponytail.

    Ah, you are so prepared, and it's going to be awesome. I need to work on my collection of running supplies... I've been looking into buying "The Stick" but I feel silly shelling out $30 for a fancy stick..... More research to be done.

    I hope you have a blast! :) Can't wait to read the relay report.

  9. You are my frickin' hero. BTW, you forgot to stick boobs in the title.

  10. Awesome. You're going to have so much fun! :D

  11. Awesome job packing! That's exactly how i pack...prepare for ANYTHING...plus i like to have choices. And cutting your own hair? amazing. I would definitely have the 3 inches shorter on one side, except it would happen again every time i'd go to fix it.

  12. Ack! I must get going. I have lists and various piles around the house. You are SO prepared.

    I hope someone in my van brings a stick and roller. I am carrying on my stuff and won't be bringing mine.

  13. you are ready! ponytail is the only way...

    did you miss anything...looks like no...extra shoe laces? I dont know...toilet paper? or baby wipes?

  14. You're so organized! I guess you have to be for this sort of adventure but that would be the most difficult part for me. Ahh! I am so excited for you and the Nuun Platuun. :)

  15. Love your beautician! I find a pony tail the most charming of all hair styles.

  16. You packed like 4 times as much as me. I kind of feel underprepared now. But oh, well, I will wear smelly clothes if need be.

  17. Have a great time!!!

  18. At least your organized, which I bet by the end of the day, that van will be a horrible mess

  19. I haven't packed yet. I'm waiting until all you Nuuners do your packing and post it, so I can get a better idea of what I need to bring for my team. :) Looks like you're ready to go.

  20. OK wow now my bag does not look too bad. I WANT one of those tanks, amazingly cute.. I want a haircut, but alas no time..

    See you soon friend!

  21. all right so what did you NOT need from all that?

    I'll help you start the post

    To the nicest Canadian living in California who is on Team Afternuun Delight, this is what I think you should not bring to HTC


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