10 August 2011

Hump Day Happenings...

It is the biggest Hump Day ever... for me, that is.

Yes, it is Wednesday. Yes, that is Hump Day for everyone. But for me, today is the Hump Day of single parenting. I am very grateful that doing this all by my lonesome has a definite endpoint... and that the endpoint is near.

My husband has been gone for 5 days. In that time I have:

  • not washed the skillet he fried fish in the night before he left. He made mention of the fact that it would still be dirty when he returned home...
  • not washed the stupid plastic storage containers that can't be washed in the dishwasher...
  • not folded any laundry... 
  • let all the kids sleep in my room with me...
  • oh, and not made the beds :P
What I have done:
  • gone running twice
  • ridden my bike three times
  • done four P90X workouts (core, plyo, and stretchingx2)
  • stayed up way too late
  • watched a couple of really lame movies (and I am not picky about movies... so they were bad)
  • rediscovered peanut butter mixed with vanilla ice cream
Working out has been a challenge. The kids exhaust me and there is no back-up. Single parents, you are amazing! My eleven days solo is such small potatoes compared to what you all do.

I should probably get my butt off the computer and get crackin' on some of this housework...

Or not.

Maybe there's a workout calling my name instead. All the kids are elsewhere. Woooo hoooo... moms gone wild... bust out the running shoes, charge up the iPod!

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  1. My dh has been gone 7 days now. It's not pretty.

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one who fails at the daily housework tasks, but rocks at workouts. I feel like I can only be super good at one thing at a time. :)

  3. vanilla ice cream and peanut butter. Daily protein and calcium in one great bite. (it's my favorite). As far as all of the other stuff, it will get done. it always does:)

  4. That's how my house looks pretty much every day.

  5. Whenever my husband is out of town I too feel both a little free and exhausted!! Personally since he thought you would not do the pan, then it is the only nice thing to oblige him and not do it!!! Somehow everything gets done, but being on our own can be so tiring that somehow it is very easy to put it off!!!

    You did make me remember something from our child-less days though. One time my husband was on a business trip and I reverted to my single girl days of not always keeping the apartment perfect. On the day he was comming home I had to share the garbage room of our high rise with our neighbor whose wife was comming home from a trip as well!! It was nice to know that I was not alone!! Take care! Always great to visit!!

  6. I feel your pain. I always get myself and the kids completely off schedule when my husband is gone. Apparently I need someone to tell me when to go to bed, despite the fact that I'm 40 LOL.

  7. Totally using your time wisely...bike rides, runs, a little Tony H!
    You've got your priorities straight!!! ALSO>>>the icecream and PB thing has me salivating!

  8. That is quite a talent having a hump day when your spouse is not even there.

    Workouts trump housework anyday for me, so I am in full support of your dirty dishes and piles of clothes.

  9. what Beth said.
    she stole my comment
    I forgive her.
    hang in there!!!!!

  10. Booya - TJ's Greek yogurt container.

  11. haha. Your priorities are right where mine are. Working out and food and...wait...there are other things in life too?

  12. Why doesn't this surprise me. Hey, you are taking care of yourself. That is way awesome. You are the best wife in the world.

  13. Bwaahaahaa! This cracks me up! Just do everything the day before he comes back and he'll think you are AMAZING!!

  14. Since when can't Tupperware go on the top rack of the dishwasher? Am I missing something? My husband was away recently for 5 days, but I only have one kid to take care of. Dinners for two were easier. But at bedtime, I would either pass out with my daughter, or on the sofa watching TV...

  15. I watch a lot of stupid movies when my husband goes away too.


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